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3 Helpful Websites for OB/GYN Issues



If you have GYN questions, like most of the world, you turn to the Internet for answers. There are hundreds, if not thousands of web sites relating to GYN problems out there, and you must be careful of what you find and read. Anyone can publish on the web of and some sites may not be very reputable. Carefully research any questions you have or answers you receive as a result of a web search! Keep in mind that these sites do not replace medical care from your doctor.

With that being said, here are three of the top ob/GYN websites that may be helpful for you:

WebMD (

WebMD is one of the oldest and most reliable medical resources on the internet today. Sort of a cross between “medicine for dummies” and a visit to your trusted family physician, WebMD has been there for most of us through anything from minor colds to major surgery. Why then not turn to them for GYN questions? As it turns out, this would be a great idea. Type any issue or problem that you’re having into WebMD search box and you will receive dozens if not hundreds of links and useful information for any GYN problem you’re having. For instance, type ‘menopause’ into the search box and up comes many helpful links to get you through a crazy time in your life. Information such as what to expect on your first GYN visit, all the way to how to find a great GYN practice in your area, are listed here.

Mayo Clinic (

Another great site and very well trusted for women’s GYN issues is the mayo clinic. This site is separated by helpful and convenient tabs. Try the tabs that have links to articles that are very helpful for your specific GYN issue. Also try the tab “expert answers”, where Mayo Clinic doctors and experts answer various women’s health issues questions. The mayo clinic web site also has helpful images and videos on different GYN problems you aren’t sure about. You can also sign up for their newsletter, and receive information effortlessly through your email. This site also offers publications to purchase. (

Probably one of the best web sites out there for women’s health is If you really want to get down to facts and statistics plus scientific articles are written specifically for women’s health this is the site to go to. Not only will you find links for any kind of woman’s health issue out there but this site also has great information on laws, rights, and political issues regarding women’s health. This site also has links to send for some great printed publications absolutely free. Plus it has helpful links and resources for other issues related to women’s health such as insurance, low-cost Health Care, and issues as diverse as the affordable Health Care Act and its impact on female health, which is an important and hot topic these days. Also done created in a convenient tabbed format like Mayo Clinic’s site, you’ll be able to navigate here with very little trouble. This site covers every issue and questions you may have about women’s health and is a wonderful resource.

Hopefully, one (or all!) of these great sites will inform and educate you about your OB/GYN problems, or at the least, reassure your concerns. Always remember though, the first and foremost person to discuss your OB/GYN problems with is your own OB/GYN doctor. It can be very helpful and reassuring to find information relating to your condition on the internet, but your doctor is truly the last word for your best health.