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3 Tips to Cure Your Dental Anxiety



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Are you afraid to go to the dentist’s office?

Visiting the dentist is one of the top fears of Americans. A recent survey showed that the number one fear was dying by fire and the number two was public speaking followed closely by visiting the dentist.

If you can relate then here are tips to help you overcome your dental anxiety.

First recognized that you are not alone

Dental phobia is a very real fear among Americans in the United States.

Causes of this phobia can range from childhood situations to adult complications.

Recognize that there is an answer and you can feel safe and happy the next time you visit the dentist.

The problem is many people are so scared to go to the dentist that they do not go even when they have chronic tooth pain or oral health care issues. Some people even die from tooth pain that goes unchecked.

Dentists are people who go into their profession to help others be the healthiest they can be. Recognize that they have your best intention at heart. And ultimately they want you to be happy and feel safe

Trace your fear

In many cases, toothaches and gum disease could be treated with a quick visit to the dentist. If you feel scared or afraid when you think about visiting your dentist ask yourself where this fear comes from. Did you grow up with parents who feared the dentist? Maybe you had a situation when you were a child maybe the dentist hurt you, in your mouth or there was a problem and you remember crying in the dental chair. Ask yourself where does this fear come from?

A pediatric dentist specializes especially in children and caring for them if you did not go to a pediatric dentist you may have experienced more trauma.

Recognize that what happened in your past is not your current reality and you can leave it in your past and let the situation be history.

Put yourself in your dentist’s shoes

Another thing you can do is put yourself in your dentist’s shoes. As we said earlier dentists want you to be healthy and they are there to help you they are not trying to hurt you. Recognizing that everyone wants your best health to be a priority.

Close your eyes and listen to music in the dental chair, is also a way to help ease any frustration or stress. In time you’ll recognize that the dentist is not as scary as your mind makes it out to be. Know that our mind is the biggest culprit for fears that we have.