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Understanding Why Your Loved One Wants to Stay at Home



When we get older, it may become more and more difficult for us to perform our daily tasks on our own. Watching a loved one go through this transition to where they need more help for even simple tasks can be difficult, and it may have you thinking about getting them some help. Many times, family members will just assume that the next logical step is to place their loved one into a nursing home, but this will most likely be met with resistance. What many do not realize is that there are home care agencies that will allow your parent or aging family member to remain in their home and retain their freedom, while still getting the added assistance they need.

Sometimes You Just Need to Talk

One of the reasons you may be considering added care for your family member may be because they seem to be depressed a lot. If they live by themselves or have recently lost a spouse, this can largely be due to feelings of loneliness or abandonment. While you may believe that placing them in a facility will afford them the socialization they need, this may actually worsen the problem. Put yourself in their shoes, would you want to leave your home? Many older individuals are made much happier when they have someone they can talk to.

Of course, you cannot be there all the time to keep them company, but by looking for the right home care agencies, you can find a companion, caregiver, and friend that will not only keep your loved one company but will be able to help them around the house and be there in case of a medical emergency—affording them the company they long for and giving you the peace of mind you need. Instead of leaving them to feel abandoned, this will help fill the feeling of loneliness in their lives.

Keeping Freedom

Your loved one does not want to feel like they have done something wrong and therefore feel like they must lose their freedom. Unless medically necessary to put them into a care facility, hiring a home health care aid to assist them can provide just the level of care they need, without taking away their freedom. Placing a loved one into a long-term care facility can put a serious, negative strain on your relationship, as they will resent you, but giving them the gift of home health care assistance will be something they will remember forever.