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Post Maternity Leave and Childcare Options



No matter what their age, it’s always hard leaving behind your child post maternity. Can you really trust someone else to look after your baby?

Sure you can! The sad fact is, even if you stay at home with your child for the majority of their younger years, you’ll have to let go sometimes when they go to school.

Trusting your child to a complete stranger though can be a giant leap of faith. That’s why many parents opt to rely on family or friends to look after their kids, but this can have problems of its own. Read on for the different forms of childcare available to you, now that you’re going back to work, so you can make the best decision for you and your child.

Family and Friends          

Informal childcare is an option for the lucky ones. With average yearly expenditure for childcare alone reaching £5,103, employing family and friends to look after your kid can be a real financial relief. Friends with children already or retired members of the family may be more than happy to take your child completely free of charge.

However, like any free resource, it’s susceptible to change. If your source of childcare decides to change their plans and puts your child back into your hands, what can you do? They are under no financial obligation and they can uproot whenever they feel like it, leaving you stuck. You may prefer a more stable option.


Your prospective childminder should be fully qualified in childcare and first aid. It’s best to choose your childminder on an interview basis and take a look at the environment they live in – is it safe? It’s important that you like your childminder too, as he/she will be spending a lot of time with your kid.

Check if they smoke or if they have any pets that could potentially give your child an allergic reaction. Ensure that the childminder is aware of any dietary requirements and that they can accommodate them. If you feel like your childminder has been neglecting your requests and displaying behavior that is detrimental to your child’s welfare, contact Switalski family law solicitors in Bradford


Nurseries are fantastic for preparing a child for school and they allow socialization between kids in their early years, which encourages mental development. Nurseries are externally examined, just like schools, by OFSTED, and all supervisors are qualified to look after your child.

Some things to keep an eye out for when you are looking around a prospective nursery: are the children happy? Do they look bored? Are staff switched-on and fun? Do they deal well with the children?


Nannies are tricky as they don’t have to be monitored like nursery staff or childminders. They should be experienced in their field and carry childcare qualifications, so always ask for proof of these.

On a positive note, it’s more convenient for you to have a nanny look after your kids in your own home. However, nannies are expensive, so if your pocketbook is tight, they may not be the best option.