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Odd Beauty Products



Women (and sometimes men!) will do anything for beauty these days with many going to extreme lengths to preserve and improve their looks. From bird dropping facial creams to neckline slimmers, here are the oddest beauty products available on the market today.

Neckline slimmers

Do you ever feel that your neck is a bit on the fat side? No? Well if anything is going to give you a complex it is products like the PY Neckline Slimmer, which has been designed to firm, tighten and lift. The strange-looking device features three ‘coil’ options within the plastic casing which help to improve your looks by using it for just two minutes a day. They can be found for no more than a fiver so if you don’t see any improvements it is not a huge loss.

Bird poop face cream

Originating in high-end beauty salons as bird poop facials, this treatment is meant to help remove blackheads and congestion from the skin and even out skin tone, removing hyperpigmentation and smoothing any bumps and uneven texture. It is not for the faint-hearted but has been used for hundreds of years by the Japanese who are famed for their good skin. The strange product is now available in cream form from many internet retailers so if you will do anything for beauty, this could be your holy grail.

Snail slime facial gel

Scientists in South Korea think they have stumbled upon the secret to keeping skin youthful and it doesn’t originate from a jar……. Snail slime is the latest craze among celebrities and beauty columns, hailed as a miracle due to its active ingredients which combat skin texture and wrinkles. It all started when Chilean farmers noticed baby soft hands from handling snails and worked out it was due to the trail left by their slimy friends. Now, snail slime (acquired humanely) is all over the internet and flies off the shelves in Japan with women all over the world singing its praises.

Semen hair treatments

Okay, so we are talking about bull semen here not human, which makes this slightly more palatable but the thought is still rather ‘ew.’ The science behind it is that the semen is packed full of protein and is a brilliant way to improve hair texture and restore shine to your locks. The semen doesn’t come from any old bull, it is collected from Angus bulls which are apparently the cream of the crop when it comes to, er, their fluids and the treatment is not only available in salons but by the bottle, so you can administer it at home.

Placenta face cream

When you thought it couldn’t get any worse, in steps the placenta face cream. Celebrities such as Madonna and Victoria Beckham are meant to be fans of this product which is essentially sheep’s placenta extracts. In the same school of thought as the bull’s semen, this is thought to be great for skin as it is packed with skin-friendly nutrients and protein which restore the skin’s youthful glow.

Face slimming mask

If you feel your face has taken on a slightly rounder look of late rather than do what everyone else does and try and lose a few pounds, why not slip your head into what is basically control pants, for your face? Apparently these products, which are rife on the net, literally squeeze your face until it becomes two sizes smaller than it was previously. They are worn at night and give the distinct look of a masked armed robber so best to wear only in the house.