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Slice Your Way To Good Health



Sensei’s Fruit Facts Can Help You Slice Your Way To Good Health

Have you ever played Fruit Ninja? Well, I do. If you have not yet tried this game then you should try it and start practicing your finger samurai skills by slicing off those juicy fruits that show up on your screen. I am not a game addict, but I simply love that this game gives me more than simple recreation, not to mention a bit of addiction.

At the end of each game, Sensei would always give me a piece of his fun fruit fact that prompted me to personally uncover more facts about them. Some of the fruit facts are most intriguing and ridiculous but unconsciously, other than having your mouth water seeing the juices of the fruits you murdered previously, Sensei’s fruit facts also make you realize that fruits are one of the earth’s best food and nutrition source. Here are some of my favorite of Sensei’s fruit facts, and what I learned from them.

The average person eats 65 apples per year

Well, if you eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away, then you should be eating 365 apples in a year. Apples are very common, with about 10,000 grown varieties worldwide. But the main reason why people eat a lot of apples compared with other fruits is that it has a lot of health benefits, thus the saying about how it keeps the doctor away. Its skin especially has more fiber and antioxidants than its actual flesh. Now you have a good reason why you should not peel the apples when you eat them.

Because of all the lime juice, they would drink, British seamen were called limeys

Why would British seamen drink a lot of lime juice in the first place? That is because British sailors wanted to prevent the scurvy epidemic. Scurvy is a disorder where a person suffers from Vitamin C deficiency. Citrus juice was believed to have excellent benefits for the prevention of scurvy.

Although lemons would have been better, limes replaced them because they are very common and accessible from British colonies in the Caribbean.

The coconut palm is sometimes called the tree of life

From its leaves to its roots, coconuts are proven very useful, thus the nickname Tree of Life. Its trunk are can be used to build houses and furniture, its leaves can be used to make brooms, its husk and shells can be used as fuel and more. The most beneficial part of it is the health benefits of its fruit, especially its water. Coconut water is very effective in flushing out kidney stones and cure urinary tract infections. It is very safe and healthy that during desperate times, it can also be used as a substitute to dextrose!

Bananas can help fight depression, as they increase levels of serotonin

You may not believe it but bananas can make you happy! Its excellent taste can already be enough reason to lift your mood up, but actually, it contains B-complex vitamins that calm the nervous system and increase the levels of your happy hormones which are also called Serotonins.

If these things aren’t enough, what more can you ask for? Fruits can definitely make your life a lot better. So, get a lot of this stuff now!