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How to Resolve a Dentist Dispute



Do you have a problem with your insurance company or with your dentist? If so this article can help you dispute any conflict you may have with your dentist or insurance agency.

If you’re not happy with your dental program or your dental care service you have the option to take specific steps for proper resolution.

Consider your insurance company and if they have paid the claim or if they are willing to forgo it. There certain steps you can take to feel more peace around the situation.

If you have a dispute, a frustration or complaint or even a concern about the dental care that you have recently received your insurance company might not pay the dental claim but these steps will help you resolve any other unsolved issue.

The first step is to approach and ask your dentist or insurance company to take care of this specific issue. Make sure they are in the loop and they understand why you are unsatisfied with your service or agreement. After you bring them in the loop it’s important to see if they will go about resolving the issue or not.

In most cases, the conflict arises from specific fees that were charged on a service that the dental Association or dentist office did not warn or prepare the patient for.

When you do talk to your dentist bring all of the issues to hand at the same time. The office manager for your dentist or your actual Dentist will be able to address the issues instantly if you bring them all up at once.

You can call the office, or go and visit or even email them. Many dental assistants and dental professionals will address the issue immediately; after all, they do care about you and want your health to be in tiptop shape.

In most cases when you contact your dentist directly the issue will be resolved in and the situation will disappear almost instantly.

However, in the event that the issue does not get solved or things are still not supported you can contact your insurance carrier.

Your insurance, if it involves an HMO or a contracted provider choose from the list and contact the appropriate customer service representative in the department of that insurance agency.

Be specific with your request and they can help. Know that only your insurance company can address the issues regarding billing. It is your responsibility as a patient to know what your insurance coverage and benefits already include. If the dentist indicated that there was a certain coverage that will be provided and it was not, know that each dentist’s office works completely differently and with several different agency companies and they don’t know for sure if you are covered with your specific HMO.