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Breast Reduction and Weight. Can You Do Surgery if You Are Overweight?



Many women who are considering a breast reduction find themselves facing a conundrum. The majority of women who require a breast reduction procedure are overweight. Those who are overweight are generally the ones with bigger breasts, which require reduction.

If you are overweight and are considering a breast reduction, you will face issues with your insurance company, as they will inform you that your breasts are large as you are overweight. Generally speaking, if you start working out and lower your weight, your breasts will reduce in size. This is true in most cases.

As you age, however, your breasts will naturally develop fatter. Even if your breasts remained relatively the same size when you were younger, regardless of your weight, you will begin to experience a change in your breast size as you mature.

This leads back to the conundrum mentioned earlier. What do you do if you are overweight and you have big breasts? Those who are overweight must lose weight, by exercising. However, cardiovascular exercise, like running, is necessary for losing weight, but this type of exercise is difficult, and if you have large breasts, it can often make working out a difficult and painful experience.

Although it may be hard to lose weight, it is not impossible. You can do cardiovascular exercises that are less painful for large breasts, such as swimming and cycling. You can also combine your exercise regime with a healthy diet to lose weight.

Reasons to Lose Weight Prior to a Breast Reduction
There are many reasons to lose weight in order to have a breast reduction:

1. Your breasts should be proportionate to your body size, meaning that those performing the breast reduction procedure can only do the procedure if they can identify the size of your body.

2. A breast reduction is designed to lift the breasts, as well as reducing them in size. If you lose weight after you have had the procedure, your breasts are likely to sag.

3. After you have had a breast reduction, your breasts will be at the ideal size. If you lose weight after breast reduction, your breasts will further reduce in size and they will not be in proportion to your body.

4. Being in shape and healthier overall will mean that your body is stronger and able to heal quicker. Those who are overweight face more risks and complications in surgery, particularly those who have a BMI that places them in the obese category.

It’s time to improve your health by losing weight. Start working out, even if you have to wear two bras for support. Breast lifts and breast reductions are wonderful life-changing procedures, but you must be prepared and healthy enough to undergo the surgery.