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Fragrance Allergy and Treatment



Most men and women like to smell good. Whether it’s going to work, school, social event, or just out running errands. Either way, most people, in general, like to make a good impression by not only looking great but also by leaving a nice aroma behind them. The most popular way people like to leave a scent is with fragrances and perfumes.

However, while most people are concerned with smelling fresh others are sneezing, coughing, and getting irritated from fragrances. Fragrance allergy is when a person becomes irritated and expresses allergic-like symptoms from certain scents. Although the condition is called fragrance allergies one can be allergic to any strongly scented toiletries.

How common are fragrance allergies?

Although fragrance allergy isn’t as common as food and environmental allergies, there are plenty of people that suffer from them. According to a statistic, over 2 million Americans have that type of allergy. Another study showed 30 percent of people admitted to getting irritated from all types of scented products. Most people who already have asthma or allergies are more likely to become irritated by fragrances. However, fragrance allergy isn’t as serious as a regular allergy. It is an irritant, not an allergen.

At the same time, it can cause allergy symptoms to happen. Fragrance allergy symptoms can be swollen lips, itchy skin, headaches, and nausea. A lot of people suffering from it often experience conflict in the work environment. With so many employees and co-workers wearing scents and fragrances to work, the one who has fragrance allergies is usually irritated. This can cause conflict over whether employees should change their grooming habits or not.

There have been many situations in the past where former employees have sued several companies over scents and chemicals that were harming them due to their fragrance reactions. Some of the employees were able to prove their case with doctor prescriptions and other pieces of evidence, some weren’t.

The point is many people take their fragrance allergies very seriously and feel as though it can be hazardous to their health if not handled properly.  However, it’s difficult to determine exactly what scents trigger fragrance reactions due to so many varieties. This is why most people that do suffer from fragrance allergies are encouraged to stay away from any scented product period.


There are several medications that are used to help fragrance allergy symptoms. Besides staying away from scented products which is the best means of treatment, one can also purchase scentless products. Items that contain hypoallergenic ingredients should be avoided by anyone that has fragrance allergies.

This is due to the fact that many hypoallergenic fragrances can still cause an allergic reaction. The good thing about fragrance allergies is that they are not as nearly severe as regular allergies. They can be at times but the chances and the percentages of that happening aren’t high. They don’t irritate the immune system whereas basic allergies do. This aspect alone makes them less severe. It’s only an irritation to the body, not an infection towards the immune system.