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Private VS NHS Healthcare



If you are thinking about opting for private health treatment, you will probably be interested to know how your NHS care may be affected. Here’s some useful information regarding the matter…

After deciding to receive private healthcare, you are still entitled to NHS care free of charge; this can never be withdrawn from you.

Guidance notes for patients of the NHS

During the year of 2009, guidance notes were published to make all rights clear. These notes include many helpful indicators for NHS patients who also opted for private care. Contained in these notes is an expansion on the following:

  • Continuation of free health care
  • It is not acceptable for money to be requested from you for NHS care, only excluding particular charges such as prescriptions (required by legislation)
  • The NHS can in no way provide any financial support towards your private health care
  • All private treatments are a completely separate service to any NHS care. In simplified terms, the two types of treatment must be received at different times and places.

On very rare occasions, a consultant may allow NHS treatment in the same location. This is for instances when a patient is critically ill and cannot be moved without further implications.

Some NHS organizations will periodically also provide private care, catering for ‘secondary’ and ‘specialist’ health care requirements which takes place at each hospital location. Such treatments will be carried out in a separate area of the hospital or at an isolated clinic which will be operational after NHS working hours…or simply in a private room.

All your treatments (NHS and private), are allowed to be overseen by a single healthcare team. However, all treatments will be received separately. Aside from this, if you require testing you won’t, on most occasions, need to be tested more than once. Diagnosis and monitoring of conditions will come as part of your NHS care.

Your GP can tell you about every treatment available for any conditions suffered from, including treatments that are exclusively available for private patients. In contrast to this, NHS consultants aren’t allowed to advertise private services and treatments to any patients of the NHS.

If you have received private consultation, including those for diagnosis and testing, your position will be sustained as it was originally stated on the NHS waiting list.

If you are looking for information about private health care and private hospitals, ask your consultant about the funds and requirements today.