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Advantages of a Detailed Massage Therapy Intake Form



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The customer intake process is the initial step of understanding the client and their needs. In this stage, your primary focus is knowing the customer’s identity, their concerns, and their most preferred massage technique.

A detailed massage therapy intake form is essential due to the following things:

  • Proper identification of the problem

Clients’ needs and problems tend to differ and it is unreasonable to generalize their concerns. The massage therapy¬†client intake form should seek to enquire more about the customer’s problems in terms of intensity and location.

It is also essential to have a section where the customer can state their current or past underlying health conditions. Such data is critical in the determination of the most appropriate massage technique for the client. For instance, for asthmatic patients, you need to avoid using essential oils that have strong scents as they can deteriorate the existing condition.

  • Identify preferred massage technique

Most customers who are visiting your massage parlor have in mind a designed massage technique. You need to acquire from them the technique they find useful and proper for them. If the client is new and unaware of the various massage techniques, you need to offer detailed information about different techniques you provide and assist them to select the most suitable.

Also, some clients may not be comfortable undressing, and the intake form should have a section that inquires about their comfortability level. The intake form should also provide a part where the client can choose the gender they would wish to attend to them.

  • Selection of method of payment

The intake form should also offer options for the client regarding payment methods. You can ask the client to tick appropriately in the form of the method they wish to use. The options can vary from cash payment, use of credit and debit cards, or insurance cover from certain insurance companies.

  • Track any trigger points

An intake form can contain a body map and different assessment charts. Through the plan, the client can identify any parts that are in pain or have muscle tension. The table will enhance easier problem identification and assessment of various muscles and joints.

The ability to track any trigger points helps in better recommendations of massage procedure for your client.

  • For future reference

The intake form takes detailed information about the client’s data in terms of residence, nationality, and age. Knowledge of recent conditions and preferred method of massage is also gathered here. Thus, if in the future you need to retrieve data on a specific customer, you can do so from the intake forms.

In some instances, the client and therapist need to sign a confidential agreement, and if anything goes wrong, the form can act as evidence.

Lastly, a massage intake form is a crucial tool for every professional massage therapist. Every therapist should strive to collect detailed information about the client, any other relevant data surrounding the massage technique and store for future reference.