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Ways to Help You Get Over Your Addiction



There are many different ways to overcome addiction, and it’s important to keep in mind that you’ve already taken a key step by looking into addiction recovery. Overcoming methadone addiction is within your reach, but success won’t just happen without effort. There is help available, and there are many different ways to get over your addiction. Here are some steps you can take to end your addiction.

1: Admit there is a problem, open up to change
Admitting that drugs have power over your life allows you to truly see the problem. It’s okay to admit that you don’t want to stop using the drug – that’s the definition of addiction. Admitting this fact is a powerful first step, and the next step is looking for help because no one can do it alone.

2: Join a community
Being a part of a group of people, whether a club, a sports team, or a therapy group, can help you find support in other people. Finding new friends and starting a new chapter in your life can help you put addiction behind you, as you focus on change and look forward to a positive mental attitude.
3: Positive Mental Attitude
A mind is a powerful tool in overcoming addiction. Even something as strong as a methadone addiction can be overcome with the right mindset. Not allowing yourself to dwell in negativity, but rather looking positively upon the vast opportunities that will open up to you if you learn to manage your addiction, can help you look for solutions and work towards your goal of becoming clean.

4: Try a 12-Step Program If You Want Help
12-Step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous are widely successful because they are non-threatening, and provide an opportunity to listen to others who are in the same boat as you. When you are ready, you can talk about your own situation, and sharing your problems with others is one of the best ways to solve them. 12-Step programs provide a supportive community that will listen to you and supports you, as well as a regimented program of recovery in proven steps.

5: Try Rational Recovery
If you’d rather try to end addiction on your own, you can try rational recovery. Rational recovery involves an internal thought process that promotes confidence, recognizes your desires for abstinence as well as your desire to use, and seeks to work through the problem with self-therapy. It can be harder than involving others but has been proven to work for methadone and other addictions. The program is widely available online – just type “Rational Recovery” into a Google search.