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Percussion Therapy and the Theragun Massager Gun: A Perfect Combination



Percussion therapy and the theragun massager gun: a perfect combination

Pain has always been a part of human life, which is why there are numerous studies and innovations for pain management. The type of therapy needed to manage particular kinds of pain may depend on how strong it is and where it is located.

The Theragun massage gun is the most recent addition to managing pain. It makes use of percussion therapy, which uses vibration to alleviate the pain.

A quick history of vibration therapy

Since the 1800s, vibration therapy has been used for medicinal and spiritual purposes. There have been numerous studies on how beneficial it is for people, making sure that one’s physical well-being is taken care of. Vibration has different definitions but the same idea: that it involves rhythmic pulses that result in objects being displaced.

In Egypt, the vibration was not only for their soldiers to be better, and their recovery a bit faster than usual.

How to use the Theragun

Perhaps the most important reminder: do not put the massager gun on your body then turn it on. It will be a little shocking if you do that, but it is easier to control the device if you keep it off your body before turning it on.

You do not need to put pressure on the Theragun when you put it on your body. Just hold it firmly and let it work the area you need massaging on. Do not rush it as well, inching it over the area to make sure the percussion therapy works its magic.

How often should one use the massager gun?

Are you someone who does your work sitting or standing for long periods? Using the capabilities of the Theragun can be helpful, especially for long periods of work. Massages can be life-changing, especially if it is your first time. From an athlete to a regular working joe, you having the Theragun can be a significant moment.

Its recommended use for the Theragun is about 15 seconds at the minimum, and 2 minutes maximum per area. It can be used as a pre-workout therapy, waking up your muscles so you won’t need to worry about any accidental stretches.

Using the Theragun for physical recovery

The Theragun massager gun helps to move fatigued muscles after exercise and may seem to work similarly with massage or foam techniques. The use of percussion therapy does result in a more efficient result and excellent response time.

Frequently using the gun can be beneficial, and can manage the pain faster than what an ordinary massager can do. There are accessories that you can attach to the massager gun, giving a more relaxed feel.

Things to remember

There are times that people may misconstrue what percussion therapy can do. Remember that the Theragun can manage the pain, or soreness one may feel after a pretty grueling workout, but it will not eliminate the pain in one go. Pain management is still crucial, and the use of percussion therapy does manage the pain faster.

The Theragun has been proven effective against delayed -onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, which happens 48 hours after a very physical gym session.

Massages may have been the most acceptable technique to lessen muscle pain. Still, since the Theragun massage gun does mostly the same thing, it seems to be the better choice as it works faster, making it better to use the gun.