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Pilates Is Not Just for Women



Working out with friends or family is always good and making time each day for Pilates is even better. This physical exercise is great for the body and mind. You work out your entire body at once and you can easily relieve stress. It can be challenging as well as very relaxing.

Not just a girl thing.
Many men refer to Pilates as a “girl thing.” Individuals who take Pilate classes are often shocked in the beginning as there is much more to Pilates than just learning to breathe correctly and striking different poses. Those who live with back pain often find that Pilates provides them with better back mobility, and it eases the intensity of daily pain.

Doing Pilates requires serious core strength, balance, and endurance. Here are just a few of the reasons why men should give it a try:

  • Pilates works your core, which helps strengthen you in different areas than traditional workouts.
  • Physicians and Physical Therapists suggest athletes do Pilates to treat back injuries sustained while playing.
  • Making Pilates a part of your daily workout routine allows you to constantly work your core, which helps prevent back injuries.
  • Pilates done in the comfort of the home can be shared by two people such as spouses or significant others.
  • Working out as a couple is a nice way to spend time together, and Pilates is not too rigorous; you can enjoy the company of your partner while keeping your body healthy.

Make your home your private Pilates studio.
Between work, raising a family, and other everyday activities, some may find it time-consuming or difficult to drive to a gym or studio for a Pilates class. Others may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed by attending a Pilates class with strangers. Fortunately, there are numerous trainers who will come to your house or apartment for private Pilates sessions in New York City.

As compared to attending a class at a gym or studio, private Pilates lessons offer you several advantages. The instructor will teach you about Pilates and the different stretches in the comfort of your home. Also, with one-on-one lessons, you will receive individualized attention and can quickly grasp all of the moves. Private Pilates lessons in NYC are especially beneficial to men as they may find it easier to try something outside of their comfort zone in their most comfortable environment.

Staying active is vital to healthy living and Pilates in NYC will make it easier for you to stick to your health goals. Women have known about the health benefits of Pilates for years; it is time to enlighten the men who may not always realize how beneficial Pilates is.