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What the Research Says about Dan Holzmann’s Juice Plus+



What the research says about dan holzmann’s juice plus+

Having the passion for casting a positive impact on many lives, Dan Holzmann, President Europe and the CEO and owner of Juice plus company worked extra hard to contribute to the success of Juice Plus.  Dan Holzmann did the world a huge favor by deciding to formulate the nutritious Juice Plus+ capsule.

With a humble and respectful attitude towards everyone working with him, Dan Holzmann is admired by all his co-workers for his professionalism and humanity. From a small and direct-selling company, Juice Plus has evolved into a multimillion-dollar health and wellness business, as a result of the struggle and hard work that was put in the company by Dan Holzmann.

By offering top-quality to his customers, Dan Holzmann ensures that he keeps every customer satisfied with his offerings.

The president of Juice Plus+ Europe has been in the business of promoting a healthy and successful life for over 20 years. So much so, that now, Juice Plus+ is operational in four continents, and in more than 25 countries.  If you like, you can go on Dan Holzmann’s page to know more about him.

If you think that getting all your nutrition for the day is an impossible feat, you will be surprised to know that just a single Juice Plus+ capsule can give you all the health you need to proceed with your day.  Juice Plus is now famous globally so you don’t even have to worry about finding it.

With Juice Plus+, you can instantly benefit from the juice of 30 different vegetables and fruits, which are dehydrated at extremely low temperatures to protect the bioavailability and nutritional value of all the minerals, phytonutrients, and vitamins. In essence, you get the same benefits that you would have on consuming fresh fruits and vegetables.  In short, Juice Plus+ is magic in the name of a capsule!

Where eating whole fruits and vegetables becomes a challenge, Dan Holzmann’s Juice Plus+ gives us all the strength we need to carry out our daily activities and tasks without having to spend extra hours on peeling, cutting, or grinding our favorite fruits and vegetables.

Findings of Research Studies

Initially, the impact of Juice Plus+ on the human body was indefinite. However, with the help of clinical studies, the company was soon able to prove the health benefits of Juice Plus+ on the human body.

The results were so heartening that the company continued to carry out more scientific studies on the product and continued to formulate Juice Plus+. About 34 clinical studies boast the effect of Juice Plus+ on human health.

Research suggests that parents were able to observe a remarkable improvement in their child’s behavior after they gave the Juice Plus+.  The company conducted the largest study of the world to observe that over 80% of children developed increased health awareness and more than 60% of them started eating healthier.    They were found to eat less fast food and drink less sugared or fizzy drinks. Children also started eating more fruits and vegetables after being exposed to Juice Plus+.

Wendy Campbell, RN, a passionate lecturer of nutrition and disease, aims to empower the nutritional choices of people and to encourage them to eat healthily. Wendy Campbell refers to Juice Plus+ as a gift of hope and has done thorough research to back her claim by science. She has introduced to it 24 years ago, and when she chose to research it, she herself was pretty amazed by her findings.

Heart disease is the number one killer in both the UK and America, but research suggests that a two-day intake of fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of heart disease by 30%.  Wendy Campbell’s research also suggests that Juice Plus+ is kosher unlike many supplements and 38 medical journals contain publications on it.

Dr. Paul Williams said in a recording that on an average day, our body needs at least 10 servings of fruits and vegetables. However, at maximum, we only consume five servings a day. Juice Plus+ is absorbed by our bloodstream and does not even have to be digested because it’s not the whole food anymore; in fact, it contains the bare nutrients from the food.  From the bloodstream, these nutrients go to every cell of our body to facilitate its day to day functions.

More importantly, according to Dr. Paul Williams, people with gut and autoimmune inflammatory bowel problems find Juice Plus+ extremely helpful as they cannot consume whole fruits and vegetables. Juice Plus+ eases their pain and cramps, and with Juice Plus+ in their diet, they do not even have to worry about digestion any more.  There is also a significant decrease in the severity of their symptoms, and they all thank Dan Holzmann’s Juice Plus for it.

There are many other ways in which Dan Holzmann and his company Juice Plus have helped people fighting illnesses.  The miraculous Juice Plus+ capsule by Dan Holzmann can help greatly in keeping your blood pressure level within a healthy range.  This has also been observed through a research study.

Many heart problems arise because of bad cholesterol known as LDL.  Dan Holzmann’s Juice Plus oxidizes LDL cholesterol and improves the health of your heart and cardiovascular muscles.

The gummy Juice Plus+ capsule also repairs the damaged blood vessels of your heart. Moreover, a total of nine research studies have shown that Juice Plus+ helps maintain the levels of homocysteine, which is a biomarker for heart health.

The nutrition of 30 fruits and vegetables found in the miraculous capsule that is Juice Plus+, helps lower the levels of homocysteine and brings it to a normal level. If you’re a fan of having wholesome and high-fat meals, then feel relieved because Juice Plus+ supports a healthy blood flow, which is also essential for the health and fitness of your cardiovascular muscles.

Aside from improving your heart health, Dan Holzmann’s Juice Plus+ also boosts your immune system by helping it fight off a number of diseases that may attack your body.  This is also a fact backed by four research studies.  Dan Holzmann’s Juice Plus+ promotes and speeds up the activity and production of immune cells, making sure the immune cells circulate well in the body.  The capsule also eases respiratory challenges and improves your productivity at work by reducing the number of lost workdays.

The miraculous Juice Plus+ capsule helps to protect your DNA, which is the blueprint of every cell. It has been seen to reduce 7-12 percent of damage over 60 days in a healthy middle-aged population, 44 percent over 77 days in a young population, and 66 percent 80 days in elderly participants.

According to research studies conducted by Wendy Campbell, Dr. Paul Williams, and other experts of the like, Dann Holzmann’s Juice Plus+ helps greatly in mitigating oxidative stress. For our body system to work properly, we need the right amount of free radicals, and having Juice Plus+ in our diet ensures that there is no excess.