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Tips to Getting Ready Quicker In the Morning



Whether you get up at the same time every morning or you are a repeat snooze-button offender, everybody wants a more efficient and relaxing way to get up in the mornings. Sometimes in our lives, we’ve all experienced the 9 am, overslept panic, desperately trying to find our phones to check how late we are for work, or standing in front of our bedroom mirror with no idea what to wear. From the chocolate bar breakfast to brushing your teeth at work, don’t you wish that you had more time in the mornings?

Sadly, there is no such thing as a magic alarm clock that stops time, as well as providing you with a new outfit every morning. There are, however, several ways to make the most of the limited window you have to get ready in the mornings, so sit back and relax while we show you the best ways to reduce your morning anxiety while shaving some minutes off your breakfast routine. Too!

The Outfit

Deciding what to wear may seem like one of the most stressful decisions of your morning, but thankfully there’s a simple answer to your fashion woes – multitask! The last thing you want to do is waste time thinking about what to wear when you’re standing in front of your mirror, so why not think when you’re in the shower or when you’re sitting at your breakfast table. By visualizing your outfit, from costume jewelry rings to your dress, as soon as you wake up, you’ll find yourself with more time to spare when it comes to getting dressed. Better yet, why not plan your outfit the night before?


Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but you don’t want to eat anything too heavy before work. A light bowl of oats or a healthy omelet will easily see you through to lunchtime, and this early kick start to your metabolism will provide you with the energy you need to last the day. If you’re a heavy eater in the morning, you should consider toning down your food intake. People who have big breakfasts tend to feel lethargic soon after, and other than making you want to get back into bed, large breakfasts are time-consuming!

Steam, Don’t Iron!

No wants to be rushing around in the mornings, let alone scavenging for an iron to get those stubborn creases out of your work suit. If you want to save time in the mornings, make sure you hand anything that needs to be un-wrinkled in the bathroom the night before. When you shower the next morning or that night, the small creases will be steamed out. This doesn’t work for heavy-duty wrinkles; however, so it’s best to organize your dry cleaning if your suits aren’t looking the best.

Create a Beauty Area

Come on, ladies, thinking caps on – how many times do you walk from the bathroom to your bedroom looking for face wipes, foundation, or hair spray? This takes up an unbelievable amount of time in the morning, so why not have all your daily products in one place? Keep your bathroom for washing and your bedroom to get ready!