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Healthy Eating to Keep You Fit and Healthy



Healthy eating to keep you fit and healthy

Staying healthy and fit are two things that everyone strives for. Luckily, there are many easy ways to eat beneficial foods without having to completely change your diet. It doesn’t have to be hard to eat healthy and stay fit- in fact, it can be quite fun!

Enjoy Your Veggies

The nutrients found in vegetables are vital to the health and up keep of your body. Vegetables all contain vitamins, minerals and fiber, things your body truly needs. In fact, a diet rich in vegetables can reduce the risk of stroke, cancer, heart disease and type two diabetes. All of that sounds fantastic!

If you have a hard time eating vegetables than this tip is just for you. Begin by focusing on a vegetable that you do enjoy. Maybe you love spinach but hate kale or maybe tomatoes are your go to veggie. Whatever the case, begin by eating the vegetables you love and doing so frequently. Once eating vegetables becomes a daily habit, branch out by trying recipes for other vegetables. You don’t have to eat veggies raw! Look for a recipe that intrigues you and has a good amount of spices, herbs or healthy sauces as all of these will help make the veggies more palatable. Soon you’ll be on your way to being a real veggie lover!

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Drinking lots of water is imperative to your health and will help you achieve your fitness goals. When you are well hydrated, your body will be able to complete your workouts more efficiently and your muscles won’t be so tired, enabling you to push yourself even more. Staying well hydrated is also great for your skin, giving you a healthy glow and keeping it firm and elastic. Bring a water bottle with you wherever you go and take sips all day!

Skip the Sweets

Obviously sweets are irresistible and everyone craves them once in a while. Who can turn down a bowl of ice cream or candy bar?! Well, in order to stay healthy and fit, you need to curb your sweet tooth somehow. Next time you are craving something sweet, try eating a spoonful of peanut butter or a piece of fruit. You will still get that sugary fix but in a much healthier way!

Portion Control

This tip is super easy to follow and will have a big impact on your health and fitness. All you need to do is be aware of your portions when you are eating. No need to skip a meal completely or say no to your favorite dish, just modify how much you are actually eating. While two cheeseburgers may sound good, opt for just one instead. Extra gravy for your mashed potatoes? Why not try adding just a tablespoon. You will still have all the flavor you love but without the excess.

Fun with Food

When you start thinking about eating healthy, bland, boring foods may come to mind. You need to change that way of thinking! You don’t need to eat plain celery sticks all day in order to be healthy. Search for new recipes online or ask friends what their favorite healthy meals are. Then, have some fun in the kitchen. Experiment with new ingredients and try flavor combinations that you may never have thought of. When you start to get creative with your food, eating healthier will be fun and something you want to do.

Snack Smart

We all get hungry in between meals and satisfying this need for a little snack is important to your diet. If you ignore your hunger pains in the middle of the afternoon, you are just going to be even more hungry at dinnertime which can lead to over eating later in the day. Rather than skip the snack, just choose a healthy snack. Carrot sticks and hummus, a banana or a few crackers and cheese are all great easy choices that will fill you up just enough to make it to dinner!

Healthy Fast Food

Occasionally you need to eat while out and about, away from home. When this happens, try to find healthy fast food. There are plenty of grab and go restaurants that serve salads, low carb or low fat options and will gladly omit ingredients when asked to. If a sandwiches is typically served with greasy bacon, ask to leave it off. If your meal comes with a side of French fries, ask to substitute a small salad instead. Most restaurants are very willing and able to make simple changes to your meals to make them healthy. Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean hard work!

Eat for Your Workout

Before you hit the gym or head out for a run, give your body the fuel it needs without over eating. Before a workout, eat a bowl of whole grain cereal or oatmeal, a banana or two plain scrambled eggs. A little bit of real food will help your body perform better and you will find you are less tired afterward. Skipping a meal before you exercise will just make it harder and not in a good way!

Eating healthy to stay fit is not a difficult thing to do. In fact, you can start today, right now! Make conscious choices and your body will start thanking you instantly