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All You Need to Know About Lactobacillus Reuteri



All you need to know about lactobacillus reuteri

Lactobacillus Reuteri is a strain of lactic bacteria that reside in the human intestine and occasionally the stomach as well. The term bacteria is coined after the German scientist professor Gerhard Reuter who was a microbiologist and discovered the bacteria in samples of human intestine and waste in the 1960s.

There are different strains of this bacteria and each strain has different physical effects. In the 60s almost 30-40 percentile of the population had L.reuteri as part of their microbiome, but today it is only found in 10-20 percent.

Below are some of the benefits and facts about Lactobacillus reuteri:

It improves a person’s sex appeal:

A L. reuteri strain called ATCC PTA 6475 has shown that it has potential towards improving a person’s skin quality, in terms of thickness and glow, and also creating thick and shiny hair. This probiotic improves the hair and skin quality for men and women. By having this probiotic strain women tend to have a more acidic pH, which was found to be in relation to healthy hair.

L. Reuteri Lowers Stress and Pain Perception:

This bacteria has proven to lower bouts of abdominal pain in humans and activates the nervous system and lessen pain. The ingestion of the reuteri bacteria can impact the nerves in a way that it can slow the gut movement; this can improve cases of diarrhea and increase the pain tolerance as well.

L. Reuteri Increases Vitamin D:

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According to a Canadian study consuming the reuteri bacteria in the form of a probiotic, results in the increase of blood levels of vitamin D3 by almost 26%. According to the scientist who conducted this study, this is the first time that the blood level of vitamin D3 had increased through oral probiotic supplementation.

L. Reuteri Helps Gut Health:

The gut bacteria need to consume tryptophan so that it can create serotonin, which is important for the gut to function properly. When the gut processes sugar instead of tryptophan, it can be prone to candida and other infections that are quite uncomfortable. The reuteri bacteria help to convert the sugar into tryptophan; this helps because the sugar that we consume is the primary food source for the bacteria. The bacteria also help with constipation by increasing the number of a bowel movement that’s a person has in a day. The frequency of bowel movements in an infant also increases and the threat of diarrhea is also decreased in children.

L. Reuteri is good for Thyroid:

When used in experiments, these bacteria increases the thyroid size and this results in weight loss and less fatigue which can be a result of aging and the bacteria caused a more youthful physical appearance. The bacteria in the form of probiotics began to play a very crucial role in the anti-aging process because it began to increase the production of anti-inflammatory cells.

L. Reuteri Lowers Cholesterol:

In a capsule form, the bacteria is responsible for bringing down cholesterol levels to a whopping 15%. In a capsule for it was proven to work better than anything else, and by that, we mean the traditional probiotic method. It lowers the cholesterol method by the absorbing the bile and increasing deconjugation of bile.


The bacteria in the form of a probiotic have proven to be of immense benefit towards human welfare and happiness as well. It’s effect on the intestinal functions, immunity and mental balance is supported even more as time goes by.

So, the next time you come across healthy bacteria make sure you make it a part of your healthy lifestyle as it will benefit you in the long term.