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Breast Cancer – The Perceptions Between Right and Wrong



Breast cancer – the perceptions between right and wrong

Nowadays, the problems associated with breast cancer are regarded with increasing attention. Unfortunately, despite the numerous information activities and campaigns organized even on a state level, people still have, in whole or in part, misconceptions about this illness.

This does not concern you – your relatives have never had breast cancer

For a long time, it was believed that heredity is one of the significant causes of cancer. It has been proven that only 10% of cases of breast cancer are genetic diseases. In most families of women with breast cancer, this diagnosis has never occurred before. So, genes do not guarantee a healthy life.

It is a disease of aging women, and for you, it is early to be concerned

About 85% of women suffering from breast cancer are over 40. But in recent years, breast cancer has also “rejuvenated” by significantly more frequent cases in women even up to 30 years.
Its hereditary form develops very quickly and before the climax.

Your chances of becoming ill are 1 to 8

Statistically, every 8th woman in the world suffers from breast cancer. However, to experience this risk of 1/8, you must live to 85 years of age. Until then, many may die for entirely different reasons.

Doing mammograms is harmful

The exposure in this examination is not intense and is entirely safe for women over 40 years. Younger women may be limited to other methods – such as diagnosis with fingers.

As a rule, the breast tissue in younger women is too dense for mammography and sensitive enough even to this slight exposure. With age, the tissue reduces the sensitivity and mammography becomes safe.

If the doctor uses biopsy, he suspects you might have cancer

Not always. Mammography and ultrasound determine the location and size of changes in the mammary gland. But to clarify what exactly these changes are, a microscopic examination of a specimen of tissue must be done. This is done by using a fine needle, and the procedure is not painful.

If you have many risk factors, then you are suffering from breast cancer

Studies show that most women in the risk group do not get breast cancer. And vice versa – many women who suffer from this cancer have no risk factors besides age. As they say, you cannot escape your destiny!

If you are breastfeeding, you will not get ill

Not really. Breastfeeding reduces the risk really twice, especially if the birth has happened before the age of 26 and the child is breastfed for 1.5-2 years. But this applies to those types of cancer that occur before the climax. Breastfeeding even after birth at an early age does not affect the risk of breast cancer in older women.

Mortality from breast cancer continues to increase

Unfortunately, the number of ill women increases. But the mortality rate remains at its previous level.

If cancer is detected, the breast will be removed

This is not obligatory. It all depends on the development stage of the process. If the size of the formation is not larger than 2.5 cm, operations are carried out that does not require removal of the breast. Yet, according to some experts, it is more reliable if the affected mammary gland is removed.

Breast cancer is № 1 killer among women

According to statistics, women die eight times more often from cardiovascular diseases. In the blacklist, breast cancer ranks sixth – even after influenza and pneumonia.

Among women under 45 years, the death rate from AIDS and accidents is higher than from breast cancer. However, many of the women who fear of breast cancer continue to drink and smoke.

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