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3 Tricks for Setting & Developing Good Habits



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We all want to develop good habits in our lives. We know that developing good habits can help us be more productive, save time, feel more fulfilled, and find more success. There are so many good habits out there that we can strive to develop. Exercising, eating well, not smoking, being productive, waking up early, thinking positively, meditating, etc. are all good habits that can help you in your life.

But how do you develop these good habits? If they aren’t already habits, how do you get in the habit of doing them? How do you find good habits, and then develop them?

Below are three tricks you can use to finding and developing good habits.

1. Keep Your Goals In Mind

Start by knowing what you want. How will you know what good habits to grow if you don’t see what you’re working towards? Set goals for yourself, both long term and short term. When setting these goals, don’t shortchange yourself. Don’t just set goals that will be easy for you to reach. Reach for the stars here! Think of things you’ve always wanted to accomplish.

Once you have your goals set, keep them in mind when you’re trying to develop good habits. Think of practices that will help you achieve your goals. Think of methods that will help you become the type of person you need to be to reach those goals. Then work to develop those beneficial habits in your life.

2. Find Role Models

We all need people to look up to. Not only do they help us see the type of people we want to become and the types of things we want to achieve, but they can also see the kinds of habits that we need to develop. Use their example as a guide when deciding which patterns you’d like to improve.

If you are close to your role models, don’t be afraid to ask them questions. Ask them what types of habits they have in their lives. Ask them the kinds of things they have done and continue to do to keep these good habits. Then work to emulate them. Think of the reasons why these particular people are your role models. What about their personality or successes caused you to look up to them? Work to develop habits that will help you to find those same traits and achievements in your own life.

3. Just Do It!

One of the best things you can do to develop good habits: do it! Get in the habit of developing good habits. Think of patterns that you’d like to grow, and then start doing them. If you would like to be a more positive person, then start counting the things you are grateful for. If you want to start exercising more, then put on your running shoes and head outside or jump on the treadmill. Do it now.

“An imperfect plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed tomorrow.” So start doing! Learn from your mistakes and your accomplishments. Don’t wait for the perfect plan. Try things out; find out what works for you. Then reevaluate, and start on the new project. Either way, don’t wait for tomorrow. Think of the good habits you want in your life and start working towards them now.