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Creating Headache Treatments That Are Right for You



If you have regular headaches, then you will be pleased to learn that you don’t necessarily have to suffer from them. There are several different types of problems, as well as several different ways to treat each type. You have to know where to go for the proper treatment. If headaches are a common problem of yours, then you need to educate yourself on your options. Here is a guide to getting headache treatment that’s right for you:

Keep a journal. This is a high starting point, as it can help you identify possible triggers that are causing your headaches. Make an entry in your journal every time you have a trouble. Record the time of day (or night) it started, the location of your headache (behind the eyes, in the back of your skull, etc.), any other troublesome symptoms that accompanied your headache, and when the headache went away. Documenting this information is critical to identifying the type of headaches you are having, as well as treatments that might work for you.

See your general health physician. Once you feel you have documented enough details in your journal to give a healthcare provider insight into your condition, you should make an appointment to see your physician. Share your diary, as well as anything else you might know about your headaches with your doctor. That information may be enough to make a tentative diagnosis. Still, you might also have to submit to some testing (MRI or x-ray, for example) before your doctor can determine the cause of the headaches.

See an eye doctor. A lot of times, chronic headaches are the result of eye strain. It may be that your eyesight is worsening, and your eyes cannot focus properly, in which case eyeglasses or contact lenses may alleviate your symptoms altogether.

Common causes. In addition to lousy eyesight, chronic headaches may also be the result of things like bad posture, everyday stress, muscle fatigue, and injury, joint injury, or disease. If testing reveals an underlying problem, then you will be treated for the problem itself, rather than the symptom.

Treatments. Headache treatments are just as varietal as headache types and causes. The kind of headache you have will determine your treatment, but generally speaking, headache may be treated with either over the counter medication, stretching, back massage, acupuncture, and more. The most severe tension headaches may require prescription medication.

With all the treatment options available to you today, there is no reason to suffer from chronic headaches any longer. See your doctor ASAP to get down to the bottom of what is causing your headaches so that you can get some much-needed relief.