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The Healthiest Cities Within the US Revealed



There is no doubt that many of us are now far more aware of environmental pollution within many of the world’s cities. Imagery is regularly circulated the media, including television and newspapers, showing poor pictures of smog-filled cities with people wearing face masks to eliminate as much of the pollution as possible. There is no doubt that air quality can have a significant and potentially detrimental effect on an individual’s health. Increasing levels of asthma and chronic respiratory diseases are testimony to the declining air quality within our cities.

Factors that inherently affect the air quality of a city or region are typically due to human-made elements such as the amount of traffic within a confined area, whether in the form of traffic congestion or moving traffic as well as industrial pollution caused by various manufacturing processes. Also, geographical location, as well as the relevant climate of the area, can have a significant bearing on pollution levels. The problem, unfortunately, is one that is unlikely to be eradicated in the short term. However, most cities recognize the issue and are taking steps to alleviate the problem as best they can by eco-friendly initiatives.

The question for many people, which is becoming increasingly important, is “where can the best air quality be found?” taking into account the implications not only for the individual but also for their children and family in general. One innovative resource offers the answers.

The website is an innovative concept that provides unrivaled information on a broad and diverse array of important information relating to cities, regions, and neighborhoods within America. One feature of the site is a feature that provides extensive information about the cities with the best air quality. This feature incorporates the top 10 cities within America with the best air quality and quite merely details in simple format, a list of the cities with a corresponding figure which is equated by taking into account a variety of factors.