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Ending Your Era Of Normalcy: Strategies That Promote Holistic Excellence



Ending your era of normalcy: strategies that promote holistic excellence

While normalcy is a term that has many meanings in different contexts, it typically references processes, ideologies, and/or behaviors that have become commonplace and even ritualistic in the lives of certain individuals or groups. The term normalcy typically has a negative connotation because it implies that little to no growth or expansion is taking place. Luckily, individuals who are interested in transcending the realm of normalcy so that they can become increasingly productive and successful in all areas of life should know that they can. Below you’ll find three strategies that you can begin implementing now to get on the road to attaining holistic excellence:

  1. Know That It’s Not All In The Mind

The phrase “It’s all in the mind” is prevalent in multiple cultural contexts for many reasons. First, it is definitely true that the mind plays an infinitely powerful role in determining things like the decisions people make, who they choose to spend their time with, and how successful they are with big life shifts such as weight loss or the acquisition of a new job. However, it is not true that everything ultimately boils down to getting in a certain mindset, thinking positively, or attaining cognitive therapy when you’re ready for real change. The reality is that behavior plays an immensely important, integral role in determining an individual’s level of efficacy in making change happen. This is because of the principle of habituation which references how acclimated the mind and body become to repeating certain actions over and over again once they become normative for an individual.

An example of the habituation principle would be coffee drinking. People who wake up and drink a cup of coffee before they go to work every day become acclimated to this activity. Eventually, it’s a part of their normal routine and they begin to feel odd or uncomfortable if they try to skip their cup of joe one morning. Additionally, the body becomes physically dependent upon the caffeine in the coffee, thereby making it increasingly difficult to break the addiction. This is the power of repeating behaviors over and over again. They become deeply ingrained, normative, and easy to replicate again and again. In recognizing this principle, it’s important to know that doing the behaviors that will lead to the change you want over and over plays a key role in helping you experience the transformation you’re seeking.

Note that if you run a business and want it to function optimally, one of the behaviors you should get in the habit of doing is regularly updating your equipment. This strategy will help your organization operate with greater excellence and expedience. Know that if your company makes use of 5 inch caster wheels, you can obtain them from organizations such as Access Casters Inc.

  1. Start Meditating When You Wake Up

While not everything is in the mind, it’s important to be conscious of the fact that much of it is. Thus if you’re ready and willing to move beyond the realm of normalcy and into a sphere of innovation, progress, and transformation, it’s very important to learn how to control your mind and continually cultivate cognitive content that is conducive to productivity and positivity. Meditation is a great way to help you realize this objective. By reciting a mantra like “The whole world is wide open” or “I can” inside yourself shortly after rising from bed, you can keep yourself in the open-minded mindset necessary to increase the likelihood of change happening

  1. Implement Strategies To Squash Procrastination

One final strategy you can deploy to end your era of normalcy is implementing strategies to squash procrastination. These strategies are important because people will oftentimes allow negative emotions like fear or anxiety to put off the process of  making lifestyle changes that will help them become more productive, positive people. With this reality in mind, make sure that you’re consistently implementing strategies that will help you end your love affair with procrastination. One technique you can deploy to make this happen is the use of amazing web-based tools such as Trello. Trello enables individuals to optimize and expedite the project completion process by creating lists and viewing deadlines for their assignments. This type of tool can keep an individual on track to completing tasks and assignments that will help them realize the goals that lead to ongoing inner (or external) transformation.


Once you realize that you’re ready to lead an exciting, rewarding lifestyle marked by transformation, you should know that putting a plan together can help you see results faster. Utilize one, two, or all three of the strategies outlined above to begin your journey into transformation immediately!