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Tips to Stop Snoring, So Your Loved Ones Can Sleep Well



Tips to stop snoring, so your loved ones can sleep well

Snoring is a universal problem and you can find this habit in anyone, your friends, relatives, family members and others. Sometimes, snoring is tolerable and sometimes, it cannot let you sleep. You might have a partner whose snores make it difficult for you to sleep. Snoring is not a dangerous health condition that requires immediate medical attention, but it is more annoying and frustrating for you and your family members.

It is more common in men than in women and believed to be increasing with the age. It is also a major reason for sleep disturbance.

Furthermore, it can be treated. Yes, you heard it right. In this article, we will discuss what snoring is and how to stop it for better sleep.

What is snoring?

What is snoring or what causes snoring, both have the similar answers. While breathing, if air you inhale and exhale cannot move freely through your throat and nose, snoring happens. This procedure makes the surrounding tissues vibrate, producing a sound that we know as snoring.

People who snore frequently have a too much nasal tissue or ‘floppy’ tissue that are more inclined to vibrate. Your tongue can also be one of the major reason of snoring because of its position in your mouth. It can be a hurdle to smooth breathing. Read ahead to knows some tips to stop snoring:

– Avoid alcohol before bedtime

Alcohol can also cause snoring issue. You might want a glass of wine or beer before you go to sleep, and it is tempting. It might sound soothing to you but, no, it would ruin your rest hours.

It makes your throat dry making the muscle in the back of throat less stiff. It makes the muscles vibrate while you are asleep that makes you snore. Better, have a glass of water before you got to bed.

– Try an anti-snoring mouth appliance

There are many such products available in the market today. It kind of looks like a mouth guard athletes or sports players use. It can prevent snoring by bringing your lower jaw and tongue forward while you sleep on your back. It might seem expensive but, it is not as there are products available at the discounted rates. Prevent snoring by using these anti-snoring devices and save money on health expenses.

– Get a steamy shower to clear nasal passage

Hot showers can be greatly helpful as it opens nasal passages. To improve the passage-opening effects, you can add a little amount of eucalyptus oil as well (just be sure not to slip on the floor). With open nasal passages, it becomes easier for you to breathe. When you breathe easy, you do not snore. Ultimately you sleep well.

You can also use plants that purify the air, providing you fresh air to breathe. Dust free air keeps your breathing clean and nasal passages clear. It enhances smooth breathing which leads you to peaceful sleeping time.

– Stop smoking

This is a win-win tip. You stop snoring and you would be healthier than ever before. There is nothing surprising in saying that smoking is bad for your breathing. And if you are not breathing properly, you have higher chances of snoring. Smoking leads to nasal blocking and inflammation which worsens your breathing process. Which basically becomes a reason for snoring.

The smoke in your lungs annoys the tissue of throat and nose causing blockage in the airways. Although giving up smoking does not happen immediately, you must start practicing to reap the benefits you gain later.

– Get vitamin C

Oftentimes, snoring happens due to unclear sinuses as well. Sinuses can create an obstacle for the airways that causes open mouth and instigates snoring. Thus, the fleshy extension back in the throat that hangs above, vibrates and creates an annoying sound of snoring.

That is why you are suggested to have food with high intake of vitamin C. It strengthens your immune system that clears the sinuses, and clear sinuses mean healthy breathing and healthy sleeping.

Taking care of little things can help you greatly to have a peaceful sleep without any trouble with snoring. In the end, you have at least one option, getting the mouth appliance which is absolutely affordable. So, stop complaining about the problem and start using the solutions. Have a happy sleeping time!

Image Credits: Flickr