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How to Prevent Swimmer’s Ear



Swimmer’s ear is a painful infection that plagues swimmers throughout the world, but there are ways to avoid and treat it.

Swimmer’s ear occurs when bacteria grow in the ear canal, which leads to the eardrum. Bacteria will begin to grow when water can stay in the ear canal. Constant swimming can create these wet conditions in the ear canal, and create the infection.

To avoid getting swimmer’s ear, it is advised that you wear a swim cap as you swim. This will limit the ability of the water to get into your ear, and therefore, it will make you less likely to get the infection. Another technique is to dry your head and ears as well as you can with a towel after once you exit the pool. After doing this, it is recommended that you move your head towards the ground, and hold each ear facing down to enable water to get out of the ear. At the same time, you can jump up and down and try to move your ear around with your hand to wrestle some water out.

If you are unable to prevent swimmer’s ear from occurring, there are several treatments you can administer from the comforts of your home to reduce the pain and heal it. You can place a warm, but not hot, heating pad against your ear to help soothe the ear and reduce the pain you are experiencing, do all you can to keep your ears dry as your ears try to heal from the infection.

Use a shower cap while you shower to ensure your ears don’t get too wet. Resist the temptation to clean your ears while they heal, as you might only further irritate your ears and slow down the healing process. If, after 3-5 days, the infection hasn’t seemed to leave you, it is time to go and see a doctor and allow them to prescribe any necessary eardrops with antibiotics in them to kill the bacteria. Listen to your doctor and their instructions, and you should be back in the pool shortly.

Nobody wants to get swimmer’s ear, but there certainly are ways to prevent it, and then treat it from the comfort of your home. Following these instructions might help you in preventing swimmer’s ear and prevent you from needing to experience the pain that comes along with it.