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Everything You Need to Know About ESAs



Everything you need to know about esas

Emotional support animals have been proven to offer life support and companionship to individuals suffering from various types of emotional and mental disorders, while allowing them to live their lives to the fullest of their ability. The Journal of Evidence-Informed Social Work actually notes that those who’ve had an emotional support animal for a one week experience an 82% reduction in the symptoms of PTSD and other mental and trauma-related issues.

So, what makes emotional support animals so special?

ESAs are Protected by the Law

As long as you have an ESA that is prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner, with an accompanying ESA letter, your ESA is protected under the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA). According to an ESAs site:, commercial airlines are required to accommodate animals that meet the set requirements for ESA status. Tenants with valid ESA letters can also live with their pets, under no restrictions.

It’s Now Much Easier to Obtain an ESA Letter

Unlike in the past, it’s now much easier for individuals suffering from emotional and mental disorders to get an ESA letter. Simply make an appointment with a licensed health care expert, therapist or psychiatrist and they will evaluate you and determine whether you need an ESA for support and companionship as a way of improving your mental health and well-being.

Today, you can even get an ESA letter that’s valid for a year through an online consultation, where you’ll be requested to provide details about your mental or emotional condition and your potential ESA. If you’re deemed suitable for an ESA program, you’ll be given a legal ESA letter that will grant your pet the necessary protections of being an emotional support animal.

A Variety of Animals can Be Used as ESAs

From dogs to cats to even more exotic animals like lizards and small horses, the choices of emotional support animals are endless. Most people think of ESAs as dogs, considering that they’re the most popular option. However, any animal that can be kept as a pet can serve as an ESA. Have a cute kitty that makes your life jovial? They can be your new companion.

As long as your pet provides you with emotional support that alleviates your emotional or mental condition, it is eligible to be an ESA. Most people get confused as to what an emotional support animal should be. To start off, you can check out some of the best dog breeds recommended for emotional support, according to Lifehack. You should be happy if you have one of these.

Healthcare Professionals are Embracing the Benefits of ESAs

With the benefits of emotional support animals being proven every other day, more healthcare professionals and therapists are embracing the use of ESAs as a treatment model for emotional and mental disorders. Health care experts are even making themselves available to provide the necessary documentation needed to validate emotional support animals. You don’t even have to visit your doctor’s office as you can easily get an ESA letter through an online consultation.

Owning an ESA Comes with Minimal Life Disruption

Everything you need to know about esas

Just like owning any other pet, owning an ESA comes with minimal life disruptions. Having an emotional support animal is like having a loyal friend who will always be there by your side, no matter what. Opting to get emotional support from your pet doesn’t necessarily mean increasing your burden, but is actually a great way to improve your mental well-being.


Now that you have an idea of what ESAs are all about, maybe it times you considered getting one yourself. The good thing is, you are under no pressure to make any choices, and when you do, you have legal protection to make your life much easier and fuller, while enjoying the benefits of having an emotional support dog for your mental or emotional disorder.