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5 Bathroom Hazards You Didn’t Know About



5 bathroom hazards you didn’t know about

There are quite a few bathroom hazards that people don’t know about or never considered them hazards. Not only are these dangerous, but there can be some pretty negative consequences. The good news is that you can help prevent these things by taking a few extra steps. Here are 5 unexpected bathroom hazards and steps to help prevent them.

  1. Bathroom Mold

One of the biggest hazards that bathrooms have is mold. This toxic mold usually grows in easy to see places like the bathtub grout and caulking. Sometimes, though, it can grow in areas that you can’t see so you won’t even know that it’s there. Some of these places are: under the floor, behind walls, and even inside the ducts.

Since humidity is what helps mold grow, the best thing you can do is try to stop the humidity build up. To do this, you want to make sure the bathroom is properly ventilated. You could also use products like dehumidifiers and fans.

  1. Toilet Spray

Even when a toilet is disinfected, flushing with the lid open can make water particles fly into the air. These particles contain bad bacteria that cause things like e. coli. This water is then sprayed on anything close to it, including toothbrushes and face towels.

This can be reduced by getting a toilet that can easily combat this. You could also just flush the toilet with the lid closed, but make sure you disinfect the lid frequently.

This means that you’re putting this bacteria in your mouth and on your face. That isn’t something that you want to do, so you want to make sure you take steps to help prevent the toilet from spraying out these nasty particles.

  1. Bath Toys

This hazard is one that usually only happens to those who have kids. A lot of the bath toys for kids are ones that float, such as rubber duckies. The issue is that they have a little hole on the bottom and usually in the mouth that makes it hard to get all the moisture out.

When moisture stays inside of these, it easily turns into mold. That’s the last thing you want because small children are known to put these types of toys in and around their mouths. The best thing to do is either use something like hot glue to block the holes or get toys that don’t let any water inside of them.

  1. Cleaning Products

Using cleaning products to clean your bathroom is a normal thing. While you might think you rinse the chemicals off completely, many of them leave films or other chemicals behind. This can cause health issues for inhalation or possibly even ingestion if you have kids.

These easiest way to combat this is either look for cleaners that are certified to be safe and don’t leave anything behind or make your own cleaners at home with ingredients that won’t cause any harm.

  1. Hazards of Wet Floors

Another common hazard in bathrooms is slipping on wet floors. Slipping can easily cause serious harm or worse. Even when you use a towel to mop up the water, there’s a high chance that the floor won’t get completely dry. Even the smallest amount of wetness can cause slipping.

To combat this, a good choice is to get some kind of bathroom rug that soaks up water well. If that isn’t an option, put down a towel or two that is good at absorbing so you won’t be stepping out and dripping right onto the floor.

As you can see, these aren’t hazards that people would automatically think of or expect. Make sure you do everything you can to prevent these so you don’t have to deal with the negative consequences.