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Natural Remedies for Dogs: 3 Proven Ingredients You Can Actually Trust



Natural remedies for dogs: 3 proven ingredients you can actually trust

One of the most common misconceptions about natural remedies is that ‘natural’ or ‘herbal’ equals safe. Generalizing natural ingredients and deeming them all safe can be dangerous. For example, poison ivy is a completely natural plant yet it can cause serious distress if consumed accidentally. This is why when picking natural remedies or ingredient to treat health conditions in dogs you cannot be too careful. For example, a lot of blogs openly advocate adding raw or cooked garlic to canine diets.

There is no doubt that garlic is a healthy ingredient for humans as it’s proven to control cholesterol and prevent some heart conditions.  However, few know that garlic is actually toxic to dogs. Both garlic and onion, if consumed in high quantities, can lead to toxicosis in dogs. Instead of subjecting your dog to a barrage of untested home remedies and natural treatments, it’s warranted to do some research. To help you get started, following are 3 proven ingredients that have great safety profiles.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Right from treating itchy ears to repelling fleas and ticks, apple cider vinegar is a miracle natural ingredient for dogs. This is why a lot of pet medication use this as an active ingredient. In fact, most pet stores and online pet shops sell 100% pure apple cider vinegar for treating various pet ailments. Apart from ordering pet meds online to treat fleas and ticks a lot of pet parents mix apple cider vinegar with water and spray them on their dogs’ coats. Once the solution dries up, it acts as a great natural repellent that keeps fleas and ticks away.

Apple cider vinegar can also be added to the dog’s food and water. This wards off dehydration and improves the dog’s digestive health. Some dandruff shampoos available at both supermarkets and online pet stores use apple cider vinegar as an active ingredient. Apart from applying shampoos and products, you can pour raw apple cider vinegar on your dog’s wet fur and massage it in. This helps balance the pH level as well as treat skin conditions and dandruff.

Diatomaceous Earth

Some pet products use toxic chemicals that can end up causing a lot of distress to your pet. This is where diatomaceous earth comes in as safe and effective alternative. Made from crushed marine organisms, diatomaceous is a completely natural powder-like substance. When consumed it can effectively eliminate intestinal parasites such as hookworms, pinworms, roundworms, and whipworm. This substance also doubles as a great tick and flea killer.

Chemical-laden flea and tick products often attack the nervous systems of the parasitic bugs. While they are effective, some of them can lead to side effects such as excessive panting and seizures. Offering a safer solution, diatomaceous earth can be applied topically on a dog’s coat to kill the resident flea and tick population. However, because this substance is a fine powder, it’s important to shield your dog’s nose and mouth during application. It’s also critical to buy food grade diatomaceous earth products that do not contain other additives. Most pet stores and herbal stores sell large packs of diatomaceous earth for consumption and application.


There is a reason why dozens of leading pet care companies use turmeric extract or curcumin to make wellness supplements and medications for dogs. Amongst a long list of other benefits, turmeric has potent anti-inflammatory properties. When added to a dog’s diet it can be used to reduce pain and stiffness in joints. Often called the Indian saffron, turmeric can also improve digestive health and potentially prevent irritable bowel syndrome.