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Medicare Supplement Plans benefit Boca Raton’s seniors



Medicare supplement plans benefit boca raton’s seniors

When Boca Raton’s seniors become eligible for Medicare, there’s a lot to figure out.  Parts A and B cover doctor and hospital costs but leave seniors with copays and deductibles.  For some people, paying for those costs out of pocket isn’t a problem; for others, going without a supplemental plan can be a financial disaster.

What does a Medicare Supplement Plan do?

Medicare Supplement Plans help to cover the costs that Medicare Part A and B do not.  There are several different Medicare Supplement Plans, and they each have their own letters (Plan F, Plan G, Plan N, and so on).  While each plan covers different amounts of Part A and B costs, all companies that offer Plan F will cover the same benefits.

You have a one-time enrollment period for Medicare Supplement plans, which occurs in the first months after you become eligible for Medicare.  During this time, you can sign up for any Medicare Supplement plan, and your premiums will not be adjusted based on your health.  After that open enrollment period, you can sign up for or switch to a new supplement plan, but your health will need to be certified.  Your premiums may be higher than other people on the plan, or you could even be rejected.

Do you need a Medicare Supplement Plan?

That depends.  Each person’s health and insurance needs are different, so it’s important to make some decisions about whether or not a Medicare Supplement Plan is right for you.  Consider:

  • Are your monthly out of pocket medical costs more expensive than the premium of a supplement plan?
  • Do you anticipate your health declining as you age?
  • Would you prefer to budget for a single monthly premium or pay for copays and deductibles out of pocket, knowing that they may vary?

Which Medicare Supplemental Plan is right for you?

When seniors in Boca Raton are considering Medicare Supplemental plans, there are many different options available.  Since all companies offering supplemental plans offer the same basic benefits, seniors have the freedom to work with an insurance company that they trust.  Direct Insurance Network has worked with seniors and residents in the Boca Raton, Florida area for years, creating a relationship based on trust and exceptional service.  Direct Insurance Network is an Independent Insurance Agency; this means that we work with many different insurance companies to help connect clients with the right insurance company for their needs.

Instead of calling the many different companies that offer insurance in Palm Beach County, Boca Raton seniors can make one phone call to get quotes from many different insurance companies.  Direct Insurance Network helps educate the community on the options available to them.  This can help clients find the differences between Plan F and Plan M and determine the right option for their health and their wallet.

If you’re a senior in Boca Raton deciding on a Medicare Supplement Plan, contact Direct Insurance Network and find the appropriate coverage for your life.