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5 Things You Need To Know About Ancestry VS 23andMe DNA Test



5 things you need to know about ancestry vs 23andme dna test

Heading for DNA testing and confused which DNA test to pick?

Two most important tests that struck the mind in the context are Ancestry DNA test and 23andME DNA test. Both of them are unique and have their own sets of pros and cons. This is the reason why people generally get into the dilemma as for which one to consider for knowing about their heritage and wellness.

So here we come up with some of the most important facts which must be known to get a clear insight about the ancestry and 23andMe DNA test. Check them out and get an insight into each one of them.

  1. How the tests are done

Ancestry- Once you place the order you will receive a DNA testing kit after a few days. The kit would comprise a container in which you need to send your sample. Preferably it should be your saliva. You would also be given a particular solution which needs to be mixed with your sample. Now you have to send it back. After one week you will receive an email showcasing your result.

23andMe- It is almost similar to the ancestry. In the kit you will find a tube where you need to put your saliva and send it back after mixing with the provided solution. You will get a notification once your results would be ready. You can easily access them online.

  1. How the results are obtained

Ancestry- The results are provided in three main sections namely- DNA story, DNS matches and DNA circles. Accessing their website you would learn how to read the results. You can get a detailed picture about your origin, with how many people you are related who have taken the same test and exactly which relatives you descended from.

23andMe- The results from 23andMe are little complicated to understand. But once you login their website reading and understanding the result would become much easier. In the reports segment, you would see different sections which can be later understood more clearly. Later you can share and compare the result with other relatives you have done the test.

  1. Which test is best for what

Between the Ancestry VS 23andMe which one might be good? Ancestry- As per the studies and the results it endows, ancestry DNA test comes out to be fruitful for knowing the family history. If you want to know about your family and heritage more than what your grandma told you going for an Ancestry DNA test would be most feasible. Other than this, the know-how about genealogy and DNA Matches can also be gained with its help.

23andMe- 23andMe is a valuable DNA test for health screening. If you want to known about the probable health issues your family has faced, this test is the best to look upon. You also get the chance to study the basic YDNA and mtDNA of the body.

  1. Which tests are offered by whom

Ancestry- With ancestry you are offered Autosomal test which showcases your ethnicity foremost. You get an insight to the place you and your ancestors have originated from. Other than this, a clear picture can be received about how many people are similar or related to you.

23andMe- 23andMe bequeaths different tests which tell about the bundled autosomal, broad YDNA, broad mtDNA as well as health issues related with your ancestry. To gain wider knowledge about the possible health complications picking 23andMe is more feasible.

  1. Which test is better for whom

Ancestry- People who are eager to build their family tree and want to connect with those who are related in some or other could opt Ancestry DNA test.

23andMe- If you want to know your genes and human genome 23andMe would be most fascinating. From wellness, traits to carrier information all can be obtained from this test.