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How to Manage ADHD Symptoms in the Workplace



How to manage adhd symptoms in the workplace

Staying focused, paying attention to detail, and completing tasks quickly are all factors that employers expect out of their employees. If you have ADHD, you see just how big of an impact your condition can have on your daily life, especially at work.

While managing ADHD symptoms with everything else going on in life like worrying about Vyvanse cost, your career and your family, the good news is that there are ways to excel at your job.

Here are useful tips to managing your ADHD symptoms at work:

Embrace Organization

Staying organized is hard when you have ADHD. Not only is your mind always on the run, you probably have sticky notes and to-do lists all over the place. To boost your productivity at work, do your best to stay as organized as possible. Start with a physically organized desk. You’ll want to use folders or labels to organize and store paperwork. Avoid clutter on your desk as this can clutter your head even more!

You will also find it helpful to organize and prioritize your inbox. Keep unread emails and hot tasks at the top. You could also categorize emails by actions, meetings, etc. The more organized you are, the better.

Take Charge of Your Environment

With ADHD, focusing is already hard, but trying to focus while in a noisy and bustling office is even harder. To ensure you’re as successful as possible each day, you’ll have to find ways to control your environment and make it as distraction-free as possible.

To start, seek out a quiet area in the office where distractions are minimal. You may also find it helpful to sit away from windows, doors, and high-traffic areas. The quieter your desk and the surrounding space, the less likely you are to be distracted by something going on in the office.

By increasing your ability to focus by controlling your environment, you can get more tasks done throughout the day, boosting your productivity and efficiency.

Use a Planner

Organization and remembering due dates aren’t easy for most people, but these skills are even harder if you suffer from ADHD. To avoid missing an important meeting or forgetting about a deadline, keep track of important dates as well as to-dos.

If you’re a pen and paper type of person, carry a daily planner with you so that you can take notes and scratch things off as you complete them. For more high-tech schedule organizing, use the calendar application on your phone or download a daily planner app like Schedule Planner or Todoist.

Writing or taking notes of important dates and tasks minimizes the risk of you forgetting something. The ability to cross things off your list is also a confidence boost as it shows you are capable of getting things done on time!

Set Goals

Chances are your work day is quite busy, and while you may want to knock out a huge project or go through all of your unread emails in a day, the fact is that these goals are highly unlikely. To succeed in the workplace, set realistic goals. It’s acceptable to spread tasks over a few days. The key is to work on a single task at a time. Trying to multi-task can break your focus and cause you to become overly-stressed.

If you have a hard time knowing when to move onto another task, use a timer! Being able to visually see or hear when you need to move onto something else is extremely useful.

Ask for Help

While it can be hard for an independent adult to ask for help from another adult, the fact is that work is a team environment. You’re all working towards keeping customers happy, coming up with innovative ideas, and ensuring the company is working towards is vision and goals. Asking for help isn’t admitting defeat, it’s admitting that you’re overloaded and care enough to ask for some support.

By budding up with someone, you not only have support, but also someone who can guide you through tedious projects.

Reward Yourself

Being productive, organized, and efficient at work is well worth rewarding yourself for. As you knock out tasks and shorten your to-do list, take a few minutes to yourself. Breathe or do a little desk yoga or stretching. By giving yourself a quick mental break, you can go head first into your next project.


Having ADHD doesn’t mean that you can’t have a promising career. Though it will be harder for you to focus and stay organized, by practicing these tips, you can manage your symptoms and position yourself for nothing but success!

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