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Look Your Best with These Top Tips



Look your best with these top tips

We, as a society, have a strange relationship with beauty. Trying too hard and being “too fake” is looked down upon, whereas not adhering to typical beauty standards will also warrant scorn. Being vain is an insult, but so too is being high-maintenance. The happy medium seems to be effortlessly beautiful, and billions are spent to achieve this. From no-make-up makeup looks to an endless collection of products that promise better hair, skin or nails there is no shortage of tactics, products, and techniques to look better.

The problem with many of these products and other efforts is that they don’t get down to the root of the problem. Rather than trying to look like the media-approved and idealized version of beautiful everyone should instead aim to be the healthiest they can be. Being your best self is always the best option to go for because it means being beautiful in your own right.

Health has also always been associated with beauty. That is why makeup products exist to help you smooth your complexion and color-correct any blotchiness.  It is why thin and lithe bodies are the global norm, and so on. To figure out how to be your most beautiful self, you first need to take note of the areas of your health that are lacking. Dull hair, acne-prone skin, cracked nails and even being overweight can all be tackled using health-focused routines.

Makeup should be a form of self-expression, not something you use to hide your insecurities. Instead, you should find the right routines and treatments that work for you. Not all journeys can be made by yourself, either. In some cases, talking to your doctor can be the true solution. Generally, however, you should aim to try out different methods and sticking to them for a few months until you can decide whether or not it works.

These few months of the trial is key because nothing you do in terms of your health will be seen immediately. Washing your face once won’t get rid of your acne just as exercising once won’t give you any significant results. The key to achieving your beauty goals is to stick with your routine, and only once you know for sure that this routine isn’t working for you can you switch to another tactic.

Your Diet

The first place everyone should look at is their diet. So much of what you eat will affect your body in some way. Dairy products and foods high in sugar and saturated fats, for instance, are horrible for your skin and your waistline. Similarly eating unhealthy foods hampers your body and inhibits your ability to live an active, healthy life. That is why on your road to your more beautiful self your first step should be your pantry.

Before you can work out which diet is best for you, you should first throw out any and all processed foods. These junk foods do nothing for your body except cause more problems, and throwing them all out at once and replacing them with healthier options is a good way to get a head-start. From there you can try adding in vitamin supplements and otherwise read up on the basics of vitamins and minerals to help you create the perfect diet for you.

If this is too much effort, and, for many, it will be, there are meal plan services available to help you eat healthy without any effort. If you want to try out the ketogenic diet, which focuses on fats as your body’s main source of fuel, you can visit this website. What is important here is that you stay consistent in your efforts. Consistency is key when it comes to healthy eating, and the longer you stick to your healthy options the less you will crave unhealthy foods.

Your Beauty Routine

You need your beauty routine at night to cleanse your skin of the pollution and dirt it has accumulated throughout the day. You need to adhere to a strict beauty routine in the morning to wash off the harsh creams and medication from your face at night. Combined you can have clearer, healthier skin in no time.

Of course, consistent routines won’t always be enough for everyone. For those with severe hormone imbalances, your acne will persist no matter how often you wash your face. Having a consistent routine, however, will help you determine what your next step of action should be. For many, this means visiting a dermatologist or doctor for specialized advice. Work with them until you find the right treatment option for you.


Exercising does not need to cost you a dime. You can opt to follow free tutorials from online sources, simply get out more and walk, bike, or run, or you can do fun things like go out dancing. The only thing you need to remember is to use your diet to help support your workout. Going out to dance might be a great way to exercise, but if you drink a lot of alcohol when you are out, you won’t see any benefit.

If you do want to get specialized training, then you should sign up for a gym. Having a trainer can help you target your efforts and ensure you are doing your exercises correctly, minimizing your chances of hurting yourself. You will also have a financial incentive to keep visiting, as you are paying for your training and your gym membership.

Exercising should be fun, and it should be done regularly. Only by being consistent with your efforts can you benefit from a more toned body, increased energy, and improved mood. A healthy, active lifestyle is also key to living a long and healthy life.

Working hard on your health to be more beautiful is not vain. In fact, it is one of the best reasons to improve your health, because you have an extra incentive to work hard. Being healthy when you don’t feel fine can mean you give up or otherwise are inconsistent with your healthy routines. Be healthier, and you will feel better, look better, and you will continue to be your best self for years and years to come.