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Find Out How Alcohol Affects Your Mental Health



Find out how alcohol affects your mental health

Majority of the people have a common perception regarding mental well-being that if a person is acting normal then it means he or she is mentally normal as well. But this is a total myth surrounding this clinical condition in a human being. A person can seem perfectly alright from the outside yet too much agitated mentally. Most of the cases that the psychiatrists deal with are of such ‘normal’ people who lead a life just like all of us. Moreover, the depressed people are prone to be mentally ill without getting diagnosed in real time. Out of so many ill effects on our brain, consuming of alcohol plays a key role in its deterioration.

Here, we are going to discuss the major harms that alcohol causes to our mental health.

  • Makes you feel dizzy and anxious– the effect of alcoholic beverages on our brain is severe and it can lead to many troublesome situations. It makes a person mentally weak and causes dizziness. Also, a person who is under the influence of alcohol becomes more aggressive and anxious when it comes to dealing with situations of life. These kinds of behavior sometimes lead to pathetic circumstances which affect the life of the drunken persons heavily.
  • A major cause of depression– people nowadays remain too depressed due to the pressures of personal and professional lives. And a misconception that prevails in our society is that if you drink, you forget the stress; this is a total myth! A person becomes more depressed and suffers major stressful conditions mentally when he or she comes under the influence of alcohol.
  • You lose control over your brain– when a person consumes alcoholic beverages, the brain functioning inappropriately. Basically, the person loses control over his brain after consuming alcohol. People tend to perform actions which they won’t do when in normal conditions- lime driving under the influence. Many cases of such road disasters are informed by the Richmond area of Virginia where people lost their lives due to this sheer negligence. Though the Richmond Virginia Traffic Attorney takes proper judicial actions to bring justice to the victims and punishment for the offenders it is always better to ‘be safe than sorry’.
  • Leads to alcohol dependence and self-harm– a majority of the times, the addiction turns to obsession and people start thinking that they cannot survive without consuming alcohol. They become alcohol dependent and suffer from withdrawal symptoms even if they try to quit. In many cases, we have seen that people also causes harm to themselves while under the influence of alcohol. This is a very offending case of mental illness that is caused by drinking alcohol.
  • Can cause partial memory loss or total ‘blackout’– there are reports which indicate that people suffer from partial memory loss due to the effect of alcohol on their brain. Moreover, they suffer a complete blackout after heavy drinking sessions when they forget about what happened during that time.
  • Leads to a grumpy mood– apart from all other ill effects on your mental health, one is the feeling of distress that leads to a grumpy mood of the drunkard person. It leaves people with an irritating temperament which affects their lives in disastrous ways.

The final take

Alcohol, as we know causes harm not just on our mental health but also to our physical health. The ill effects of alcohol consumption are many, more so if you are a heavy drunkard. It ruins a person’s social and personal lives in a way that sometimes it becomes almost impossible to revive back to a normal life. The major crimes take place under the influence of alcohol. So it is advised to everyone who has a habit of drinking alcohol- drink in limits if at all quitting it is seems impossible to you.