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Staying Healthy with Your iPhone



Staying healthy with your iphone

Is one of your goals for 2018 to eat better and get more exercise? There are a lot of apps on the market to help you do this, but iPhones have several built in features that can help you keep track of your health.


Siri is a well-known feature of iPhones. Simply call her name, and she can direct you to the nearest post office or tell you where to find gelato. She can remind you of important events and appointments as well, so why not use Siri to remind you to take a walk or go to the gym? She can even suggest places for a hike out in nature.

Health App

iPhones have an app already installed to help you keep track of several aspects of your health. For example, the iPhone 8 has a motion sensor that can track how many steps you take and even tell if you’re climbing stairs with it in your pocket. In addition to activity, the Health app can help you track your nutritional data and monitor your sleep patterns.

However, the Health app has an additional feature. Bearing in mind that there is more to being healthy than just the right foods and exercise, the Health app can help you track mindfulness sessions — a form of meditation said to be helpful in just five or ten minutes per day — and have you on your way to being better able to manage the stresses of daily life.

One feature most people don’t know exists on their iPhone is its ability to monitor heart rate without accessories. With an app such as Instant Heart Rate, iPhone users “can actually use the camera and its flash to check [their] heart rate.” According to the quoted article, the LED flash on the camera lets the app see the blood flow under the skin.

If you have fitness devices such as the Fitbit or the Apple Watch, the Health app can connect with these to give you even more detailed information about your activity level.

Health vs. Other Apps

There are a number of health and fitness apps on the market. There are apps to count calories and monitor nutrition and apps that keep track of your steps. Some of these apps will work with accessories, and some won’t. MyFitnessPal will let you input nutrition and exercise information, while 5K can help you train for a marathon. Sleep Cycle will monitor your sleep cycle and help you to wake up at the perfect time in the mornings, the time when you’re in the lightest phase of sleep. And if you like music, FIT Radio can hook you up with a steady beat that’s just perfect for your workout. So why not simply use one of these apps instead?

The Health app is already on many iPhones, so you won’t have to sacrifice valuable space in your phone’s memory to download. In addition to that, it has many features that would need several apps to reproduce.

Mobile phones have come a long way since their beginning, and now they are capable of helping us get and stay healthy as well. From nutrition, to exercise, to sleep, to meditation, the capabilities of iPhones are staggering.