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4 of the Best Low-Impact Exercises



4 of the best low-impact exercises

Low-impact exercises can tone muscles and burn calories while placing less strain on bone joints. These types of exercises are particularly good for seniors and people who suffer from arthritis and are looking for ways to improve their physical fitness without having to endure a lot of excess strain on the body. These four fitness activities are among the best low-impact exercises and can be incorporated into just about any workout routine.


Simply going for a walk can help keep your weight within a healthy range and improve your cardiovascular fitness. As a rough example, a person weighing 150 pounds who walks at a speed of three miles per hour can burn around 210 calories for every hour walked. To put even less strain on your body, try choosing a walking surface that is flat and firm without being too hard.


Swimming is another great exercise that can work many muscles of your body while being easier on your bone joints. You can go swimming at a public pool or find a lake or beach with safe swimming conditions in your area. Whether you prefer to do the breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly, online swimming videos can teach you the proper forms and help you develop the correct swimming techniques.


Roller skating, inline skating and ice skating all come with numerous health benefits and also provide fun ways to work out. As you push off with each stroke, you’ll be working your leg and gluteal muscles without putting a lot of undue strain on your bones. Skating can also be a great social activity that you can enjoy with friends. If you’re new to skating, it’s advisable that you wear a helmet and kneepads in the early stages so that you don’t seriously injure yourself if you fall.

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing not only works your lower body, it requires you to use your upper body and is one of the best comprehensive fitness activities. Even if you don’t live in an area that sees a lot of snowfall, you can still go cross-country skiing on a pair of roller skis. It’s best that you do this activity on flat surfaces if you’re just beginning, and you can progress to skiing up and down hills as you become more experienced.

These low-impact exercises can help you reach your fitness goals without being too hard on your joints. You’ll likely be amazed by the results that you experience when you try any of these fitness activities.