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5 Ways Using Technology to Fight Your Anxiety



5 ways using technology to fight your anxiety

Are you part of the 18% of the population that suffer from anxiety ever year?

With fast paced lifestyles created by chasing dreams and keeping up with an ever changing society, no wonder we’re struggling to keep calm. But the technological advances shouldn’t only make life more rushed. It’s supposed to help us stay in control.

Let’s harness technology’s power and counter anxiety in daily life. These few steps are only the beginning.

Monitor Your Health

It’s the worst feeling. When a panic attack overwhelms you there is little you can do to counter the effects.

But what if you know your body is feeling more anxious than usual? What if you can use your relaxation exercises before the attack happens? That’s what’s possible with Spire wearable technology. It detects your mood and sends warnings to your Smartphone so you can be proactive.

Use Apps to Calm You Down

And what will you do when Spire signals it’s time to try and relax?

Apps can:

  • Teach you breathing techniques
  • Guide you through meditation
  • Play calming sounds such as waves, music or wind rustling through trees
  • Provide a game to distract you from situations; both short and long games are available

These apps captivate some of your senses, distract you from the stressor and soon influence your overall mindset.

Use Apps to Focus

During these times when my stress levels get the better of me, I take longer than usual to get work done. Usually it’s because I try doing everything at once. And of course, taking longer simply makes me more anxious.

Now you can use apps to help you focus on one task at a time. They signal when you don’t follow the plan, such as getting engrossed in your mobile phone instead of working on your computer. The reminder helps you learn new healthy habits, so this can be a long term plan to combat anxiety.

Use Online Resources

And why do we let life get the better of us if there are so many resources at our behest?

Limit the time you spend on work or personal projects with some of these tools:

  • Through an paper writing service your next study project can be done in half the time, so you can focus on preparing for a test.
  • Look for existing scientific case studies that provide the statistics you’re trying the gauge yourself.
  • Discuss challenges in your field in online community groups on social media platforms. Most people are more than happy to offer assistance or insight.

Face Your Fears in Virtual

And what about dealing with your anxiety once and for all?

If a phobia haunts you and even prevents normal functioning, technology brings new hope.

In virtual reality you can face your fear without exposing yourself to danger. When you’re less sensitive to these impulses, confidence may carry over into normal life too.


Do you have more hope to face tomorrow now? All you need to do is make the decision to access the solution. Technology takes care of the rest. Why limit your quality of life if there are answers to your problems? Your future is brighter than your past now.