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4 Ways to Motivate Your Fitness Regime



4 ways to motivate your fitness regime

You’ve bought the running shoes, the stackable weights, the gym membership and the yoga mat, you’ve set aside time in your schedule to concentrate on your body and its fitness! The problem is, you can’t find the motivation to actually get out and start exercising. This is a common setback that hinders the aspiring fitness fanatic. Finding ways to make the jump into a completely new regime can be difficult but, with these four tips, you’ll find the right mentality and the needed reserves to push you out of the door and onto the treadmill towards whatever goal you’ve set yourself.

Involve a Friend

As well as making the whole experience more enjoyable and a lot less like an ordeal, enlisting the energy of a friend with similar hopes to improve their fitness will have a mutually-inspiring effect on the two of you. They’ll knock on your door when you’re preparing to vegetate on the couch, and they’ll be texting you at work to plan your next outing together. It’ll make your friendship solid as a rock, and your fitness regime will feel like fun.

Find a Coach

The modern fad of finding a personal trainer can be extremely expensive and out of the price range and comfort zone of many who are just seeking to get a little more fit or are seeking to specialize in a certain type of fitness. This is where the online exercise gurus come in: if you’re training for a running event, link up with an Online Running Coach to plan your regime. Boxing? Then advertise for an experienced trainer in your local area. Having the wealth of knowledge of an expert on your side will motivate you that you’re doing all you can to reach your goals.

Overcome Negative Mentalities

If you’ve had a tough day at the office, you’ll be beginning to let yourself off your scheduled gym session that evening. In fact, these are the exact times where it’s most important to maintain your exercise regime. Establishing a pattern of bad habits usually has a snowballing effect which will end in the ruin of your regime, so check yourself when you’re about to indulge in a negative mindset, and turn it around – you’ll feel far better for making the right decision.

Set Smaller Goals

Goals, aims, and objectives are what we use to chart our progress through life, allowing us to rise in our careers, personal lives and, yes, our fitness regimes too. Making a list of small, measurable aims for your week or month of training, working towards the end goal of weight loss, athletic success, or simply a new sense of energy, is a great way of breaking up what may at first seem an impossible goal. Nothing comes easy, but everything looks easier to achieve when it’s broken down into small parts.

You’re already halfway there if you’ve decided to start a new exercise regime and you’ve come across this article. Now’s the time to push through with new motivation and inspiration that’ll take you closer to your fitness goals.