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5 Reasons Bee Conservation is Important



5 reasons bee conservation is important

To many, bees are just pesky creatures that swarm our food and give us painful stings. To others, bees are only thought of as useful for producing honey.

But, bees are so much more than just pesky creatures and busy honey producers. Bees, for multiple reasons, have a positive impact on the environment.

Unfortunately, bee populations around the world are declining. So, before you think about exterminating bees in your yard with harmful pesticides, consider these five reasons why bee conservation is important.

  1. Pollination

Do you love munching on apples? What about melons, cranberries, broccoli and asparagus?

If so, you have your fellow fuzzy black and yellow friend to thank for that. In order for these plants to germinate, the transfer of pollen is required. Pollen must go from the male part of one plant to the female part of another plant.

As bees buzz around from flower to flower searching for nectar, they leave behind bits of pollen that the plant can transfer, therefore allowing it to grow.

Bees are responsible for pollinating billions of plants each year, therefore playing a vital role in our food supply.

  1. Wildlife Habitats

Bees are commonly known for producing elaborate hives. But, hives aren’t the only dwelling they take a hand in producing.

Bees actually play a role in building homes for millions of other animals and insects. Through pollination, they help grow savannahs, tropical forests, deciduous forests, and many other environments that other animals call home.

The simple garden in your backyard is even home to thousands of tiny creatures. Without the help of bees, the creatures that rely on these plants would be doomed.

So, if the bee population in your yard is really bothering you, consider an eco-friendly bee removal service instead, so these bees can do their vital work somewhere else.

  1. Food Supply

A jar of honey is a staple in almost every kitchen pantry. Honey is a great, healthy addition to tea, bread, and desserts.

But, humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy this nutritious sweet treat. Insects, birds, raccoons, and opossums often raid beehives to get their hands on honey as well.

Not only that, bees themselves are also a food source for many animals. Many species of insects, birds, and spiders rely on bees as a source of food.

  1. Biodiversity

Because bees are pollinators, they play a key role in every single part of the ecosystem.

Through pollination, they help trees and other plants to grow. These trees and plants serve as homes for many types of wildlife. They also serve as a source of food for many animals as well.

Removing bees from the ecosystem would, without a doubt, have a detrimental impact on the environment.

  1. Planet Beautification

While certainly not the most important way in which bees benefit the environment, the beautification of our planet is still certainly worth mentioning.

Imagine a world without beautiful flowers to look at. The integral role bees play in floral growth allows us to enjoy a colorful, vibrant scenery that we so often take for granted.


Clearly, bees help the environment in a multitude of ways. Conserving bees is vital to keeping our planet, and in turn ourselves, healthy.

If you’re interested in helping save the bees, check out this article.

Image Credits: Flickr