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Senior Safety App The Best App for Senior Safety Emergency Alerts



Senior safety app the best app for senior safety emergency alerts

The modern era has been a little tougher for the aged people to live. These are the days when people have no time to take care of their parents due to hectic work schedule. In case you have an elderly friend or relative, you would be worrying about them. People go even for months without knowing of what their parents are going through. The problem assumes even more importance if you are living away from parents. This is where an app like Senior Safety comes to your rescue. What exactly is this app? Let us discuss the features and capabilities of the app meant specifically for the security of the elderly people.

Senior Safety App – What It is?

Well, as you might have rightly understood as of now, Senior Safety app is a mobile app meant for taking care of elderly. Keep your loved seniors safe and get alerted when there is an emergency of any kind.

It is free and works round the clock taking care of your elderly relatives without creating any sort of obstructions to what you are doing. Apart from monitoring the location, phone calls, and other essential information, it can also take care of protecting against the falls,  wandering away and possible online scams.

How Does Senior Safety App Work?

The app is a completely free and can be installed easily from Google Play Store. Just download free from Play Store and install it on the phone of your elderly relative or parents.

Configure the app with a few settings that the app needs access to. Set up the phone numbers that you would want to be contacted in case of emergencies. You can also configure the email addresses if you want to be contacted. The Senior Safety app  would be able to have access to five contacts per account.

Once you have configured the app with the initial settings, you can begin starting the app right away. All the reports will be directed to your online account. This will help you monitor the issues and emergencies if any.

The Features That Makes It An Exciting Option

Well, some of the features worth mentioning with respect to Senior Safety app can be listed out as here below –

SOS Alerts –The app has two modes of alerts. Your elderly relative can either send an instant message or alert to the predefined numbers and email addresses. What makes it even more interesting is that it can also send the location of the target device. The Sound Alarm feature would ring the phone at high volume so that anyone nearby can lend a help.

Fall Alert –Elderly people tend to fall and this can be dangerous. The Senior Safety app comes with a fall tracker. It detects the falls and lets the app user about the emergency. The tracker can be configured based on the lifestyle of the target and send the alerts along with the phone location.

Geofencing –Geofencing refers to the locations that can be pre-configured. The time and the ease with which the locations are getting their regular exercises. The locations are monitored all through the day. This can help you assure you of their physical activity level.

Inactivity –If the elderly person you are tracking is living alone, setting up the inactivity alert can go a long way in letting you get alerted if the device remains inactive for a prolonged time. Each such alert is sent along with the location information. An inactivity tracker can be set for any time between 1 to 12 hours.

Apart from these major features, Senior Safety App can also provide you multiple logs. It can provide you the logs for text, calls, location and app usage. Low battery alert is what would let you remind your seniors to put the phone on charge.

Any Similar Options?

Well, yes. Senior Safety App is one such app that is designed for the similar purpose with a different approach. While Senior Safety App is meant for taking care of elders, the Senior Safety App can be used to take care of anyone among your loved ones.

The app may not be available on App stores and you need to install it using the APK file. You may also get in touch with the official site and enter your phone number to get the download link. The app offers several tracking options including call tracking, instant messages, and location tracking.

The Parting Thoughts

Well, the app should play a major role in taking care of your beloved. If you want to learn more about Senior Safety App , you can share your ideas with us and we would address them. Whether seniors or your kids, or even the loved ones in any age group – the spy apps or the monitoring apps help you a lot in taking care of your loved ones. The apps we have been discussing here run without any obstruction and stay invisible while providing an excellent functionality. Use them to ascertain their features, and we are sure you will never leave them.

Get Senior Safety today and share your experience!