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Smoothie as a Perfect Yoga Breakfast



Smoothie as a perfect yoga breakfast

Most people usually do yoga either in the early morning, getting up with the sun and waking up during the session to be energetic all day, or in the evening, to stretch the tired body, and calm themselves down to sleep healthy. It is not recommended to consume hearty and fat foods before or right after the yoga training. It is better to avoid heavy food before training, because one may get unwell while doing some asanas with full stomach. After the training, on the other hand, the body needs something it can digest quickly, to nourish the muscles, without the necessity of processing the food for an hour or more. Considering that yoga promotes vegetarian diet, a smoothie is a perfect yoga breakfast or supper.

How to Get a Right Smoothie

If you have a blender at home, no problem – you just have to take some fruit, wash, peel, seed, mix and give it a go with half glass of water, cocoa milk, or yoghurt. However, some people do not have a good quality blender; other will not carry a heavy bottle of smoothie with them all day to have it before or after the yoga training in the evening. So one of the options is to buy one actually when you need it, in some healthy food shops. To make sure you know what you are taking, check the daily harvest smoothies review and you will be able to choose the right type of smoothie easily.

When you make a smoothie at home, there are three most important tips to get a good one:

  • know your recipe,
  • wash, peel and seed,
  • don’t add too much water at the very beginning,
  • allow it to blend for at least 5 minutes.

You have to know what recipe exactly you are to use right now, otherwise, you risk to blend ingredients that you do not actually like mixed together. Or you can forget something crucial, like banana, and the smoothie will be watery. Removing all seeds, skin and other non-edible parts is crucial, mostly because you risk to spoil the blender if you put a peach together with its seed and branch there. Adding too much water at the very beginning will prevent the fruit from grinding properly, and you will not be able to regulate the thickness of the blend. And finally, allow it to grind for at least 5-7 minutes to get a really drinkable mix.

Smoothies are a perfect, light, and easily digestible food. The body assimilates the vitamins and other elements almost instantly, the stomach manages the blend quickly without leaving you heavy and tired, and what is more, smoothie is easy to prepare, and even to buy.