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Adjustment Assistance – How to Help a Loved One Make the Transition Into Aged Care



Adjustment assistance – how to help a loved one make the transition into aged care

If you have a loved one who is making a transition into a facility designed for aged care in NSW, then you may be wondering just how you can support them and help make that transition easier. Many seniors and elderly adults do not want to move out of their home and they want to keep their independence, so this can be a time of hardship for them, especially if they do not have any support.

If your loved one counts on you to provide them with the support they need, emotionally and physically, it is important that you remain by their side through the transition process. But, what happens when you do not know how to fully help them?

Below, we will go over some ways that you can help your loved one transition quickly and easily into aged care.

Promote Their Independence

Seniors who are moving into an aged care facility may feel as though their independence is being taken from them. This can lead to loneliness, depression, and hostility if not effectively addressed. It is important that you promote their independence and allow them to make their own decisions about their life. Of course, let them know that you and their caretakers will be there should they need assistance, but that they are in control.

Listen to Their Concerns

The first couple of weeks of the transition will be the hardest period of time and it is vital that you listen to your loved one and reassure them when they have any concerns. You will likely hear your loved one say that they want to go home and in these cases, you should sit down with them to find out what it is that is bothering them or what you can do to help them.

If your loved one is struggling with the transition and you are unsure of how to answer or help them, speak with the care staff at the centre. They will be able to help you and provide you with some guidance on how to address your loved one’s concerns.

Bring Their Favourite Belongings

The move itself is going to be hard on your loved one, especially since they will not be able to bring all of their personal belongings with them. It would be a good idea to help provide them with an atmosphere that reminds them of home.

You can do this by grabbing some of their favourite items such as a blanket or pillow that they love, some of their favourite books, and even some pictures or décor. They will likely have space to decorate and these items will bring them some comfort.

Encourage Them to Become Social

Many aged care facilities offer a myriad of activities throughout the weeks and months for seniors to participate in. These activities are a wonderful way for your loved one to maintain their health, meet new people, have fun, and maintain their own identity. Social interaction is crucial for seniors.

You should encourage your loved one to participate in some of the planned events. Should you find that your loved one is nervous or shy, you may want to attend a couple of activities with them until they start to warm up.

Don’t Give Up on Your Loved One

While your loved one may not be happy that they are transitioning into a care facility, you should never give up on them. They need you and you will find that with positive words and encouragement, your loved one will start to become okay with the idea.

The above tips can help you help your senior transition smoothly and without too much stress. It is important to remind your beloved senior that he or she is not losing his or her independence, as this is very important to them.