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Breaking the Habit



Breaking the Habit

When an addict finally decides to come clean, it can be an exhausting path for both them and their loved ones. Information about what families and friends can do to help is not always readily available. Many people have no clue what to do when it comes to helping an addict gain full recovery. If they have never gone through it themselves, it is hard to know what an addict may be facing. This is especially true when it comes to methadone addiction. Methadone is typically used to help addicts who suffer from heroin addiction. Due to the methadone being so addictive, heroin users will rely on the methadone and, in some cases, use both substances. This can have severe, lasting effects and be very hard to treat. In the case of family and friends, knowing how to handle the situation can only be helped by consulting with a professional.


Addicts would get nowhere if it were not for the support from family members and close friends. When things get rough, this is where their loved ones need to pitch in and be there for them. Giving them a strong dose of reality is essential to them recovering. Sometimes being supportive means giving them consequences if they decide to use drugs again. This is often termed “tough love” because sometimes walking away can be the right thing when it comes to dealing with an addict. This is a way to show love, even when it is hard.


When it comes to dealing with an addict, advice is imperative not only for the person dealing with methadone addiction but also to their close friends and families. This allows their loved ones to understand better what the person is going through and how they can be of help. Family members and friends can often cause a setback in the recovery process without knowing they are hurting the person. This is why counseling is so important for all parties involved. It can also mend relationships that may have been broken due to the addiction. People who are close to the substance abuser are typically hurt the most. Repairing those relationships can be very helpful in getting the abuser on the road to recovery and having something to look for in the future.

Family members and friends play a vital role in an addict recovering. It takes a community to help someone who is struggling with any addiction. Getting help from professionals and supporting each other can make recovery more successful in the long run.