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Common Myths about Alcohol Consumption Debunked



Common myths about alcohol consumption debunked

Wine or beer would be better

For years, the French believed that wine was healthier than beer, but now science is about to deny them.

After experiments with 120,000 volunteers, it became clear that beer was just as useful as wine for the cardiovascular system.

To be accurate, we cannot claim that one type of alcohol is more useful than another since the ethanol formula is the same. It can help, but only if you do not abuse it.

The effect of alcohol is stronger in men than in women, and it is advisable not to exceed two glasses taken with food.

Alcohol can warm up your body

It’s true. 70% of the energy from alcohol degradation process turns into heat, and this is more pronounced in slim and active people than in fat ones’.

This energy is then thrown away from the body through urine and sweat.

If you take a walk after eating, your body will consume enough energy and you will not feel warmth at all.

Beer won’t get you fat

This is one of the defamations on its address.

Professor Debbie of the Center for Nutrition in Paris has proven that in normal amounts during meals, beer increases the energy balance during the day and lowers the need for sugars in the evening.

Wine can protect you against cancer

Of course, we should not abuse red wine with hope that we will not get cancer. In the United States and France, many attempts have been made to discover the connection between this treacherous disease and wine. Finally, doctors recognized the beneficial effect of polyphenols which are contained in grape skin and have antioxidant and anticancer effect.

Statistics show that people who drink up to six glasses of wine during the week have a 28% greater chance of not developing cancer than those who are abstinent.

In 1949, the medical congress in Bordeaux recommended drinking a liter of wine a day. Now, however, we know for sure that the 20 percent of the alcohol which our body can’t flush away can destroy our brain cells, nerve fibers and red blood cells.

Nothing but water

People who give up red wine just to brag about being abstainers are wrong. It is proven that if you drink red wine from time to time, you will get less sick. It can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 25%.

We can lose weight with wine

It is somewhat true.

With two glasses of wine taken with food, you can lose some weight. Wine also helps insulin secretion and increases energy release.

Champagne can act as a sedative

Yes, but in small quantities since it is like a homeopathic medicine. However, it is useless if we drink a lot. The effect is due to its numerous components (oligo-elements – lithium and minerals) that alter the ratio of endorphins in the brain, and this is where the effect of opiate comes from.