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Four Ways to Be Environmentally Friendly on Your Next Virginia Beach Vacation



Four ways to be environmentally friendly on your next virginia beach vacation

Beach vacations are popular, and it’s easy to see why! There are few things more relaxing than listening to the waves crash on the shore.

For people along the East Coast and beyond, Virginia Beach is a great vacation spot. But, if you want Virginia Beach to be around for a long time, you have to think about your impact on the environment while you’re there.

Here are a couple of ways you can be more environmentally friendly so you can help preserve Virginia Beach for future generations.

Rent the Right RV

How are you planning to get to the beach? You may be tempted to take a plane and stay in a hotel, but consider renting an RV instead.

It may sound crazy to think that an RV is more environmentally friendly than an airplane or a hotel, but if you do your vacation right, an RV will have less impact on the environment.

  • Choose a modern RV made of lightweight materials so you can reduce fuel costs
  • Consider switching back and forth from diesel to bio-diesel
  • With a dedicated recycling bin, you can recycle while you’re on vacation

Respect the Outdoor Environment

When you get to Virginia Beach, make sure you respect the environment while you’re there. That means not littering, but being respectful means a lot more than just tossing your waste in the garbage.

It also means staying on trails and walkways. Do not remove or destroy plants, and that includes picking flowers.

Don’t feed the animals either. Although it may be tempting, you’re just encouraging the wildlife to feel comfortable getting close to humans. That can have disastrous consequences for them and us.

Conserve Water

Other states in the US are used to conserving water because they experience shortages so often. On the East Coast, water doesn’t ever seem like a problem. So, why bother conserving water when you’re on vacation?

Only one percent of the water on earth is drinkable, and that supply is finite. Conserving water can also minimize the effect of droughts and water shortages in the future.

A few ways to conserve water include:

  • Taking showers instead of baths
  • Avoid buying bottled water, if you can
  • Reuse towels and bed linens a few times before washing
  • Minimize the use of personal care products that can compromise water quality

Be Smart About How You Get Around When You Get There

When you arrive at your destination, keep your RV parked. Instead of driving around in a car that you might tow behind you, ride a bike instead!

By riding a bike, you don’t create any air pollution, nonrenewable fuels aren’t burned, and it saves you the hassle of trying to find a parking spot!

You and your family deserve to have a great time at Virginia Beach, but you should respect the area while you’re there. By following these tips, you can reduce your environmental impact and set an example for others to be environmentally friendly as well. That way we can all continue enjoying the beach for many years to come.