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The Three Pieces of Technology No Seniors Should Be Without



The three pieces of technology no seniors should be without

Baby Boomers are reaching their Golden Years, and many of them are marveled by the technological advances that have occurred during their lifetimes. While there may not be technologies that are quite as cool as the flying cars that convert into briefcases with the touch of a button, there are some pretty incredible devices available that seniors can – and should – be taking advantage of. These devices will not only make aging easier and more enjoyable, but they can also make it a lot safer.

Here’s a look at three pieces of technology that every senior should be embracing.

A Medical Alert Device

Another must-have piece of technology that every elderly person should have is a medical alert device. These home monitoring devices are designed to send alerts to emergency personnel in the event that an accident or an injury occurs. For example, if someone slips and falls, the simple push of a button will put the individual in immediate contact with someone so that help can be promptly delivered. These alert devices can also be used to improve the security of seniors; for instance, if someone believes that an intruder is present, the police can be notified with the push of a button.

Medical alert devices can increase the independence of senior citizens, allowing them to feel more confident in their own homes, and allowing their loved ones to have peace of mind knowing that they will receive the care that is needed in the event of an emergency.

Software that Keeps Track of Health

Seniors that have smartphones, other mobile devices, or even a computer, should be taking advantage of software that can keep track of their health. There are various types of software available that have been specifically developed to monitor a myriad of health conditions, remind them to take medications, or even keep tabs on whether or not they are meeting their nutritional needs. By simply downloading this software onto a smartphone, for example, a simple push of an app will give seniors the ability to keep better track of their health. This technology can help to empower the elderly and make them feel more confident as they grow older.

With these three pieces of technology, the Golden Years can be a lot healthier, happier, and enjoyable. If you or a loved one is aging, it’s important to consider investing in these three technological devices. Not only will they instill more confidence in seniors, but they also give a great deal of peace of mind – not just to those who are using them, but to their loved ones, too.


Virtually everyone these days has a smartphone, but there’s one group of people that isn’t making use of this technology as much as they should be: seniors.

Smartphones can be used for virtually everything. Obviously, because they are phones, they can be used to keep in touch with friends, family members, and even doctors and other health professionals. Smartphones also provide a wide variety of other uses; for example, they can be used to find addresses, chat with loved ones via video messaging, take and send photos, and even for health-related needs. For instance, alerts can be set to help seniors remember to take their medications.

Smartphone technology is ever-advancing, too, making them easier for the elderly to use. Many now feature voice recognition, photo speed dialing, and have larger screens and buttons that are easier to read and operate. Given all the benefits smartphones can offer, they are a piece of technology that no senior should be without.

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