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Why People Pretend to Be Happy When They are Depressed?



Why people pretend to be happy when they are depressed?

Depression is a hidden sickness says a professor of psychiatry in New York. A lot of people who may seem upbeat and active may be struggling with depression. The triggers for depression vary from person to person. Obviously, the major reason why a lot of people become depressed is due to a stressful event they experienced in the past. In some instance, depression may be as a result of genetics.

Depression affects the body adversely and may lead to a severe headache, shortness of breath, stomach problems and physical tension.

Depression can depreciate into a serious disability. The WHO considered depression as one of the major cause of disability worldwide.

As mentioned earlier, a lot of people who suffer from depression pretend to be upbeat, active and happy but deep down they are not.

In this article we are going to consider some reason why people who are depressed pretend to be happy and cheerful and some tips that can make them feel better.

To improve their self-image

Much of our self-image comes from what people think of us and which affect how we feel about our self. Our Self-image determines how we treat our self and to an extent determines how others treat us.

The first reason why some depressed people tend to pretend to be happy is that they want to improve their self-image. In some instances, if they pretend to be happy they will be viewed in a positive light by friends, workmate, and relatives.

The problem with faking to be happy or allowing people’s opinion to affect our emotion is that people’s opinion change very quickly and this can be a very exhausting approach to happiness.

A solution to this may be to live your life on your terms and prevent people’s opinion from affecting to a large extent your mood, state of mind and composure.

To mask how they truly feel

Depressed people mask their feeling and emotion because they don’t want to be to be put on the spot. So, they just go with the flow and pretend that they are happy. In some cases, people pretend to be happy because looks good on them, not because they are truly happy inside.

Masking your feelings and emotions can be a good approach in the short term to counter depression, but in the long run, it may not be the best. The problem with masking is that you end up deceiving, fooling yourself, and believe me the day will come when all your charade will fail flat, and people will come to see what is going on within.

Simple and Effective ways to counter depression

  • A lot of people have resorted to taking nootropic substance to boost their mood and feel better. But a better and a more effective way to overcome depression is to engage in physical exercise. Exercise improves our mood and state of mind. When we exercise, our body produces chemical compounds that make us feel happy and cheerful.
  • Another effective way to overcome depression is to use some antidepressant medication. The reason why depressed people should consider using multiple anti-depressant medications is that they work better when used in combination with other medication.
  • Therapy is also an effective way to counter depression, especially when combined with medication.
  • Another activity that can eliminate depression is warming up. Heat is an excellent anti-depressant says a professor at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. More research into this has shown that a warm bath, saunas, hot yoga are a simple and low-cost way to feel more happy and cheerful.