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Sleep is the Golden Chain That Ties Health and Our Bodies Together



Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together

You must have heard of the saying “Health is Wealth” and how rightly has it been said. The impact of good health on our life is so magnanimous that you cannot deny the fact and its importance. It is one of the very indispensable factors on which the success of our life may depend.

In order to stay healthy, you need to follow a pattern of routines, practice them religiously and do not ignore them at any cost. These routines may include a hearty breakfast, a morning walk, work out, clean eating, following definite sleep patterns, staying away from stress and over thinking.

One of the healthy routines that we are going to shed light on is having definite sleeping patterns. All the medical researches taking place in the world cannot emphasize enough on having proper, sound and peaceful 8 hours sleep. Adequate sleep guarantees a healthy lifestyle and a positive effect on your heart, mind, body and weight.

No one would prefer to toss and turn all night with eyes wide open even after a tiring day at work. But there are some tricks and healthy measures that you can take in order to achieve a smooth night’s rest. We are listing down a few routines; you may follow a few of these or all of them to fall asleep quickly and reliably.

Take a hot bath: Your temperature is bound to decrease two hours before sleep and reaching its lowest by 4am-5am. A hot water bath for 20 to 30 minutes before bed time may increase your body temperature a degree or two, which means the steeper the drop in your body temperature the more easily.

Follow bedtime routines: You can send signals to your body that bed time is imminent now by setting definite and regular bedtime routines. That may include changing into your sleeping suit, brushing the teeth, combing hair and using a particular fragrance. These habits can be very sleep conducive.

A cozy and comfortable bed: no matter how sleepy you are, but if your bed in painful and bumpy you will never be able to fall asleep instantly. What you should do is to acquire a fluffy pillow, firm and supporting mattress, a warm and comfy quilt.

Shut down electronics: You need to slowly minimize the usage of screens before your targeted bedtime, because lit screen serve as the stimulant. Switch to something calming like reading a book in order to slow down your brain.

Wear socks to bed: Usually during winters, we tend to have colder feet, if so, help yourself by wearing a pair of socks in order to warm them up. An extra layer under the sheets may help you fall soundly.

Limit food and drinks: Large and spicy meals may also affect your sleep patterns as the stomach will be continuously at work making the rest of your body lie awake. Having alcohol might make you drowsy but later at night it will disrupt your sleep continuity only to leave all wide awake.

All of the above mentioned steps are highly recommended by the experts, since they have scientific reasons behind them. They are tried and tested in order to make you achieve better sleep cycles to be more productive during the day and happier otherwise.