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Three Teas for Your Family’s Winter Wellness



Three teas for your family’s winter wellness

As soon as the temperature dips,  the battle against respiratory illness rears its ugly, congested head. For those of us concerned with staying healthy without flu shots for the winter, thoughts immediately turn to find holistic ways to keep all family members illness-free.

Natural wellness teas made from simple, longstanding ingredients can fight against illness as a practical way to support your family’s health. Still, the reality is that such drinks might work, but at the great expense of taste.

However, if a strong-tasting solution for winter illness can actually deliver on the promised outcomes of quick aid and general recuperation by using accessible, healthful ingredients that are long-known to be effective healers, what’s not to try?

For the Adults

A steaming cup of Pepper Flu Tea can aid in decongestion and also work as an expectorant for the worst of winter flu and cold attacks. Mixing a teaspoonful each of the powerful and healing cayenne pepper, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar, lemon, and raw honey in hot water can work as a stimulating immune system boost that works immediately to rid the body of the flu.

For the Kids

It is rare to find a child who will sign up to happily consume ginger as alternative medicine. But adding a bit of raw honey to a ginger brew makes for a warming drink that can soothe a troubled throat and bring a nagging winter virus to its knees when taken regularly at the onset of the cold or flu.

For the Babies

When a baby is sick with the cold, there’s very little one can do besides offering lots of fluids, and using saline drops – none of which does anything to rid a troublesome cough. If your youngest is still breastfeeding, expressing a small amount of milk and immersing a few slivers from a freshly pegged and peeled garlic before giving a spoonful or two to your infant can deliver a whopping punch to any troubling cough or cold symptoms.