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How to Choose a Toothpaste



How to choose a toothpaste

When it comes to health, it is much important to consider the health of your mouth and teeth. Most of us religiously brush our teeth two to three times a day. But, do we pay an equal attention to the toothpaste? Yes, choosing good toothpaste assumes an important role as it is to cultivate the regular brushing habit. Is there any truth in dentist recommended toothpaste? How to choose toothpaste for a better oral health? Let us find out in the following paragraphs.

How to Choose Good Toothpaste?

Well, most of us do not pay much attention to the toothpaste while at shopping. Either we go for the one that we have been using since ling (maybe from our childhood) or lured by the advertisers and opt for the expensive one. Whatever your habits are, you may check a few of the following points.

Go For the Fluoride

Dentists around the world recommend fluoride content in your toothpaste. The Fluoride is known to be the best option for the oral hygiene. Fluoride toothpaste has the best cavity-fighting characteristics. However, added fluoride may be a little bad for your teeth.

Natural Toothpastes contain no added fluoride. A good example can be Red seal Toothpaste . It offers you a natural means of cleaning teeth. It combines around 12 herbs and minerals to provide you a minty and mild flavor.

Whitening Toothpaste – Are They Any Good?

Whiter and bright teeth are what you would always want to show off. The best whitening toothpaste would be the one that would clean the stains that may arise because of your habits of consuming red wine, coffee or even smoking.

However, it is equally important to note that the whitening toothpastecontains hydrogen peroxide in most cases and provide a bleaching action on your teeth. It should be important to check if it has the good enamel protection.  However, if you have sensitive teeth, it is not recommended to use whitening toothpaste. The Red seal Toothpaste  comes with natural colors and has no peroxide. Such non-fluoride toothpaste can be beneficial in more ways than one.

Check approvals by Competent Authorities

Any toothpaste – whether natural or Flouride variety should have the approvals from the competent authorities. All nations have their own stringent quality checks that the products need to go through the basic requirements. ADA in the US or FDA in India is a couple of good examples of such authorities.

Ensure your chosen toothpaste is approved by such authority bodies. However, you may not find the approval seal on many popular kinds of toothpaste. That would mean the approvals should not be your sole criterion while choosing the best toothpaste.

Avoid Too Much Sweetened Toothpaste

Some toothpaste manufacturers tend to use too much of sweetness to their products. This is done primarily to attract the kids. Do understand that too much of sweeteners can be a concern and cause tooth decay rather than protecting it.

Agreed, you need to have enough sweetness in your toothpaste as it will offer an incentive to brush your teeth, but much of the sweet used can result in several other health concerns apart from tooth decay. Check out the labels before you buy a toothpaste, especially for your kids.

Additional Oral Care

For a proper dental care, toothpaste alone may not be enough. It would be essential to consult your dentist for other good practices of oral hygiene. Mouth rinsing and flossing are some other options you can check out. Also, a single toothpaste may not be suitable for every individual in your home. Have a meeting with your family dentist and decide on a toothpaste that would suit all family members. If any of your family members are sensitive to an ingredient in the chosen toothpaste, you can go for an alternative for the particular member.

And Before We Leave…

Toothpastecomes in different shapes, sizes, and brands. Then there are advertisers who have individual claims. In such a scenario, it may be a difficult task to choose a toothpaste that meets all your needs. Reading between the lines on labels and understanding them properly can be a good option.

If you can follow the instructions of your dentist properly, the task should not be much tougher either. Going for a complete oral check-up of your family members and then finalizing on the best toothpaste that would suit all of them equally would be a great idea in achieving a complete oral care mechanism.