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Medicines That Can Help Cure Gastritis Permanently



Medicines that can help cure gastritis permanently

Gastritis can be defined as the irritation of the stomach lining that can cause stomach pain and if aggravated lead to ulcers and other health issues. It could be one time irritation or become a chronic problem if the root cause of gastritis is not cured. Today it has become a common ailment and affects every 7 person out of 10 and the causes of gastritis could be varying like unbalanced or poor diet, or infection or stress and even some pharmaceutical medications.

Symptoms of gastritis:

Gastritis in itself has no symptoms but it can cause many health issues like abdominal pain, upset stomach, hiccups, burping, belching, black tar like stool, nausea, bloating, vomiting, loss of appetite or heartburn. If the situation is left unattended and the root cause is not addressed it can lead to autoimmune diseases, stomach ulcers, stomach tumors and pernicious anemia.

Causes of gastritis:

Medicines that are non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs can lead to gastrointestinal diseases, these medicines have bad effect on the stomach lining and thus cause irritation and swelling. Usage of histamine blockers or proton pump inhibitors often lead to gastrointestinal diseases. Infection with a harmful gut bacteria called pylori. Any sort of viral or bacterial infections. Overproduction of stomach acid. Consumption of alcohol can also lead to gastritis. Poor diet can lead to leaky gut and the damage to intestinal lining. Constant stress is a common factor affecting inflammation of the gut and thus resulting in gastric acid. Autoimmune disorders like Crohns disease. Smoking and over the counter antacids or carbonated drinks can also lead to gastritis.

Food like alcohol, high fatty food, processed foods, caffeinated and carbonated drinks, food high in citric acid, overly spicy food, food that contain less or no B12 vitamin can aggravate the issue of gastric acid.

Gastritis cure:

There are several home remedies or herbal medications available that help in the fight against gastric acid. Grocare gives you the benefits of holistic treatment in the form of two medicines namely Acidim and Xembran that help to fight gastric acid.

The herbal medicines reach out to the root cause of the disease and make sure that the disease not recur and the damaged so caused is also reversed. These medicines target the well being of intestinal system and abdomen seamlessly, by working on pH balance. These medicines eliminate H pylori and other harmful bacteria in the body. These herbal medicines work for gastritis cure without any side effect. They regularize the stomach acid and help in the smooth completion of the digestion. They also work to increase the gastric motility and thus the digested food is expelled from the body. Therefore the food does not ferment and release gas, the stomach is empty and there is no acid reflux. They also stop the growth of harmful bacteria and regulate gut microflora thus protects from the cause of gastric acid. They restore the stomach lining without side effects.